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Elhunyt Marnie Schulenburg

Marnie Schulenburg has lost the battle against breast cancer. Her husband and two-year-old daughter are mourning.

Elhunyt Marnie Schulenburg

Marnie Schulenburg, who died at the age of 37 and starred in two popular American soap operas, was seen as Jo Sullivan in the series One Life to Live and appeared as Alison Stewart in the series As the World Turns. 24.hu.. He died May 17 at a hospital in New Jersey.

The actress, who was previously nominated for an Emmy Award, was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 2020, a few months after her baby was born. Her husband, known for his succession on the HBO series Zack Robidas, confirmed the news on Facebok and then thanked the fans for their continued support since the diagnosis was made. “We decided to overcome the diagnosis with blind faith. We only talked about the future and only looked ahead. I don’t know if that was the right decision, but that’s all we knew about how to do it,” he wrote. .

The actress, who would have her birthday on Saturday, shared a post on her community day on Mother’s Day revealing she could return home from the hospital but needed an oxygen bottle to survive, she recalls . Index.

He premiered in The Restless Youth and has been actively filming to this day. Schulenberg, who also starred in a few episodes of Fringe, Manhattan Love Story, and Sherlock and Watson, will be starring in the third season of City on the Hill – he will appear on Showtime in July.

Photo: Robert Voets / CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

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