Elimination: The Togo coach summoned to resign: Leroy is no longer the “King”!

Togo needed a victory to stay in the race after 2 defeats and 1 draw in 3 days of the Can 2022 qualifiers.

Facing the Pharaohs of Egypt on Tuesday, the Hawks of Togo were beaten copiously on their own lawn, Kégué stadium. Score on arrival 3 goals to 1, synonymous with elimination. A catastrophic result attributed to Claude le Roy, an incapable coach across the board. An elimination experienced as a shame by an entire Nation.

With this defeat, Togo remains the red lantern of Group G, only with 1 point after 4 days. This elimination is the result of the disenchantment between a national team and its public.
“It is also the fruit of the arrogance and condescension of the French technician, Claude Leroy, who has never stopped taunting the Togolese since his arrival at the head of the National Team in March 2016. Invested with a mission to rebuild the national team and to qualify for Can 2019 in which he should do wonders with Togo, Claude Leroy could not do anything. On the contrary, he took his time to destroy the group at the time, provoking the anger of some players who retired early from the international scene, ”notes a colleague from togobreakingnews.

As for journalist Luc Abaki, “the time has come to free the Hawks for Claude Leroy”. In his analysis published on his Facebook account, he wants to be clear: “We must stop here and now Private Le Roy. He did what he could with all the willpower one can imagine. It’s good ! But his limits are obvious, he can no longer deny them and even less, undo them from his being (…).

I sincerely think that for his own honor, for the glory of the past which was his, for the love he says he has for Togo, the Togolese and football itself, Mr. Le Roy must be able to decide, deliberately , of his own departure from the head of the National team, ”he advises the coach of the Sparrowhawks.

source: lequotidien

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