Elio and Le Storie Tese are back together in solidarity: with the Trio Medusa for artists in crisis

And in the end there will be the reunion: as in all good stories that are respected, the happy ending could not be missing also in that of Elio and the Tense Stories, who will return to play live for a special concert in Bergamo, which was presented at a press conference.

Music, those who work with music, suffered particularly during the lockdown period and still suffer, due to the severe limitations for live concerts. To support musical activities at the beginning of June, a project called #insiemeperlamusica was launched, promoted by Elio e le Storie Tese and by Medusa Trio, calling on young Italian bands who have presented projects that will obtain contributions up to a maximum of 3000 euros each for their realization, with the support of Cesvi. In a short time, more than 124,000 euros were collected and to celebrate this result the Elii decided to return to play live and to do it in Bergamo, one of the symbolic cities of the Coronavirus emergency.

The project was born at the microphones of Call Roma Triuno Triuno the morning program of Radio DeeJay conducted by the Trio Medusa, “After putting on the radio a record of Elii we said it would be great to be able to see them together in concert” he says Gabriele Corsi of the Trio Medusa, “and we called them. A weekend was enough to arrive at the final project ”. “It was important for us that this initiative would concretely help small bands,” he tells us helium.

Elio and Le Storie Tese are back together in solidarity: with the Trio Medusa for artists in crisis

For now 13 bands have been selected, Canarie, Cut, Dadi Etro, Fuzz Orchestra, Il Folle e la Band, Karamu Afro Collective, Letizia Fuochi and Frank Cusumano, Percorsi Di-Versi, Paladino Philine, Raggae Ragga Roots Band, The Modern Flower, Violet Blend and Zi Rock and his little toys. But this is only the beginning, because the fundraising will continue, also through auctions made with the contribution of other artists and companies that have decided to join the initiative.

“For us, making music is always important, but when you move on to concrete things like this everything is better, it’s another feeling”, says Elio, “we like to do something for musicians in a country where music is not considered much, more or less like the coffee killer at the end of lunch. And then there is the joy of going back to doing something together with old adventure companions and with the Trio Medusa, with whom we had always touched but never had the opportunity to collaborate “. The great live reunion of Elio e le Storie Tese should take place at the Bergamo stadium: “After some inspections and the approval of Atalanta we decided to do the concert at the stadium”, says the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori, “We want to become the city that symbolizes the exit from this unfortunate condition also for the world of music, which continues to be heavily conditioned. We will probably go in late spring 2021 ”.

Elio and Le Storie Tese are back together in solidarity: with the Trio Medusa for artists in crisis

“For us it is wonderful to be able to give the city a party, a smile,” he says Faso, “Because Bergamo has suffered more than others in a terrible way, we would like to bring the cake for the party”. Elii still don’t know what they will do in this reunion, they are still trying to imagine a long day of music, “A Woodstock in Bergamo”, Faso says, “not only our concert but also a day where all the bands can play in every corner of the city “. And for the future of the Elii, what will happen after the reunion? “This initiative has stimulated us to think about things to do together to play”, adds Faso, “but in reality in the shadows we have continued to create other musical products, we will look as producers with our record label, to build something interesting . We are working with Fabio Celenza, who not only does the parodies that made him famous, but is a great artist ”.


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