Elizabeth and Philip, 73 years of marriage: the best gift from Kate Middleton and children

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrate the 73rd wedding anniversary. They married on November 20, 1947. To celebrate their record-breaking wedding, the Sovereign and Prince consort shared a tender photo showing them smiling as they look at a note made by their great-grandchildren, George, Charlotte and Louis.

Kate Middleton and William therefore managed to snatch a smile from the couple who have lived the last few months in isolation. The first lockdown was spent at Windsor Castle, where they returned after a short London break in which Elisabetta, 94, took part in some institutional events, including one with William and the other to the cenotaph for Remembrance Day.

Elizabeth and Philip then returned to Windsor and the photo was taken in the Castle to celebrate their 73 years of marriage. The Sovereign and the Prince are sitting on a sofa in the Oak Room and are leafing through the many greeting cards, but perhaps one is more appreciated than the others, that of the grandchildren, sons of William and Kate. George, Charlotte e Louis it took them several hours to draw and color the very welcome gift to great-grandparents. The photo was shared son the social pages of members of the Royal Family.

The little Cambridge children are increasingly involved in the life of the Monarchy, despite their tender age and even the choice of having their card appear in an official photo was designed to give a sense of the unity of the Royal Family and of continuity between generations, after rumors spread that the Queen would like to abdicate and even there was talk of a renunciation of the throne of Charles in favor of William. Rumors denied by the official communication of the preparations for the Diamond Jubilee.

So, would George, Charlotte and Louis be Her Majesty’s favorite great-grandchildren? To tell the truth, Elizabeth and Philip seem to suffer a lot from being able to meet Archie, the son of Harry and Meghan Markle, who now lives thousands of miles away and is unlikely to return to London anytime soon.

However, the Sussexes seem to be in contact with Queen Elizabeth and call her often. On these occasions they show Archie in video, so he has the opportunity to follow his growth, even if at a distance.

Philip and Elisabetta met for the first time in 1934. They were officially engaged on 9 July 1947 for get married on November 20 of the same year in Westminster Abbey. The couple had 4 children: Carlo, Anna, Andrea and Edoardo. Three years ago they celebrated their platinum wedding with a party at Windsor Castle where, in addition to the family, around a hundred guests were invited.


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