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Elle Winter talks about “Yes, no” EP, was digital and Britney Spears (includes interview)

In the song selection process for this EP, he said, “I really wanted this whole body of work to have an enhancement theme, so I made sure every song was empowering in its own way. Message.”

He listed the title track “Yeah, No” as his personal favorite melody on the new EP. “I really find it can touch so many hearts,” he said. “My goal as an artist is to connect with as many listeners as possible.”

As for his plans for 2020, Winter said: “I’m working on a full album right now. I’ve been in Sweden for a month working on music, and now I’m going to Los Angeles, where I’m going to the studio to do some recordings. We hope to finish the album later this fall and release it later this year. ”

Being an artist in the digital age, he admitted that it is “very special”. “We are at a time when we can reach so many people and music with a message can touch so many hearts,” he said. “You can reach people through social media and YouTube. I think it’s fantastic. I’m happy to be an artist right now.”

For young aspiring musicians, he recommended showing off. “Many times, people don’t make the first move. Just try because you never know. Reach and use social media to your advantage,” he said.

He listed pop megalastellas Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Ed Sheeran and Britney Spears as dreamy choices in musical collaboration. “It would be nice to do a duet with Britney Spears because it shaped my childhood and I love it,” he said. “Maybe we can ‘Stronger’ together. I love her empowering songs. She’s so fantastic.”

Her Yes No EP is available on Apple Music and Amazon Music. “Thanks to the fans for listening to this EP. I hope you like it and that you feel empowered. I’m really excited about this project,” he concluded.

To find out more about the feeling of singing Elle Winter and her music, check out her official website and Facebook page.


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