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Ellen DeGeneres has been one of the last personalities who have made public that has caught coronavirus. The 62-year-old comedian and television host announced a few days ago that she had tested positive for COVID and that, although she is fine, she will not resume her famous show until after the Christmas holidays. “I wanted to tell you all that I have tested positive for covid-19. Fortunately, I feel fine for now. Everyone who has been in close contact with me has been notified, and I am following all appropriate guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I’ll see you all after the holidays. Please stay safe and sound, “communicated the famous presenter on her social networks.

A message with which he says goodbye to his audience and a dose horribilis in which the author of that famous selfie that immortalized during the Oscars gala Six years ago – along with the most sought-after actors and actresses in Hollywood – not only has he had to face the pandemic, but also several controversies in which he has been involved and that have affected his popularity. Whoever was classified as the funniest woman in America lived during the months of confinement, turbulent times that they have placed her at the center of the bullseye of much criticism.

The story of this downhill began in March, coinciding with the obligation of confinement in the United States. The also comedian Kevin Porter invited Twitter users to share the “crazier” stories about the dark side of the comedian, something that has been one of those eternal rumors that circulate about the world of entertainment. The tweet received thousands and thousands of responses. The issue became more serious when Variety published the complaints of more than 30 program workers for working conditions during confinement for the coronavirus. They denounced the bad internal communication and that they had been told that they would reduce their salary during the initial period of the pandemic despite the fact that the program had hired new personnel to launch the confined version of the space, which was broadcast from the home of the presenter in Los Angeles. Days later came the unfortunate comment from DeGeneres herself, who, from her mansion in California, claimed to feel “in prison” during the quarantine for the pandemic.

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In mid-July the matter took a step further. The portal BuzzFeed made public the complaints of 10 former workers and a current employee in which they spoke of a racist, toxic and intimidating work environment. Some said they were fired for taking medical leave or attending a funeral. An African American said that one of the program’s scriptwriters had told him: “I’m sorry, I only know the names of the white people who work here.” WarnerMedia, the media conglomerate that produces The Ellen DeGeneres Show, then an internal investigation began, while the presenter herself – who until then had been silent – published a letter apologizing to the employees of her famous program in which shortly after the dismissal of three of its producers was announced.

Although the renewal of the format was in question, finally the show premiered in September a new season with DeGeneres singing the MEA culpa. “As many of you may have heard, this summer our program was accused of being a place where the toxic work environment was encouraged. As soon as we knew it, we began an investigation. And I’ve since learned that things have happened here that should never have happened. I am taking this matter very seriously and I want to apologize sincerely to all the people who have been affected by this, ”she said, visibly shocked.

Despite everything that happened and the number of detractors that the presenter reaped in the midst of the pandemic, Ellen DeGeneres’ program, on air since 2003 and accumulating 171 Emmy Award nominations, continues to be one of the most successful spaces on American television . Every day about two and a half million people tune in, mainly women between 25 and 54 years old.

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In addition to being the queen of kindness on the American small screen par excellence, Ellen DeGeneres is an icon of the LGTBI community. The presenter, who for two decades has shared her life with himactress Portia de Rossi, known for the series Ally McBeal, came out of the closet 23 years ago. And also twice. Creator and protagonist then of a comedy that bore her name, EllenAfter many successful seasons, she decided to reveal to viewers that the character was a lesbian. And he did so overcoming the reluctance of the producers of the ABC network. The actress won that war because at the same time she appeared on the cover of the magazine Time announcing: “Yes, I am gay.” A condition in which reaffirmed herself on her friend Oprah Winfrey’s TV couch. There was no going back. And she has not done badly: throughout her career, the charismatic comedian and presenter has amassed a fortune of 330 million dollars (more than 305 million euros) and in 2019, she is the second highest paid presenter in the American television signed a contract to continue the show until 2022.

For now, he has said goodbye to a 2020 from which he would surely want to erase many things and looks at 2021 isolated from his large mansion in Los Angeles, trying to spend these last weeks without major complications due to his contagion of covid.

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