Elton John takes a bath of masses at the world premiere of his biopic

After getting into the shoes of Elton John and cuddling him before a public given at the world premiere at the Cannes Festival of «Rocketman», Taron Egerton dared to sing a duet with Sir Elton John at the after party that Paramount celebrated on the beach of the Carlton hotel on the Croissette. After the party, the actor appeared yesterday excited at the press conference asking the audience not to compare his film with "Bohemian Rapsody" because they were different animals. "That film is a unicorn, I am proud that my interpretation is comparable to that of Rami Malek, but we are two different animals."

Egerton lends his voice to Elton John in "Rocketman", the film by Dexter Fletcher that arrives at the Festival out of competition. «I still find it difficult to explain the process to create the character. I must confess that I fell in love with Elton to be able to interpret it. With me he was kind and affectionate and that's what I needed to breathe in this story, "confessed the actor, nervous before the journalists. It was Elton John who chose him to star in a role that portrays the first bars of his life and that does not hide or censure dark moments of his past. "Of course he chose me, he's the producer, like David Furnish and Matthew Vaughn, director of" Kingsman ", who knows me very well. Elton was key to me receiving this opportunity and has taken me by the hand in his adventure, "admitted the British actor. "Taron has done an incredible job, even now I can not believe it, but, more than anything, when I see the film I do not see an actor, I see myself and that's extraordinary," confesses Elton John. He has given a thousand percent in this interpretation and I can not thank him enough. We met in "Kingsman 2", but now I adore him for having played part of my life. I want to thank him because he is an extraordinary actor ».

«Rocketman» narrates the rise of Elton John and shows both his moments of glory and his difficulties. The screening, which took place in the presence of the director, Dexter Fletcher, and the actor Taron Egerton, ended with a standing ovation of four minutes from the audience that moved the protagonists. It is seen that the public feels a weakness for the biopics of the stars of music.

Memorable shoot
"Rocketman" also has the actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays the mother of Elton John in the film: "It is very hard for people to go to the movies these days with the great opportunity of entertainment they have at home. I think I speak for the whole team when I say that "Rocketman" was a wonderful, memorable filming. The stories about musicians remind us what the world of entertainment represents. I am convinced of the demand for good stories. You have to go in a group to see this film and enjoy it ».

From "Rocket Man", which gives the film its title, many of Elton John's mythical themes pass through it, such as "Your song", "Do not Go Breaking My Heart", "Honky Cat", "Do not Let the Sun Go Down On Me »,« Goodbye Yellow Brick Road »,« I Want Love »or« I'm Still Standing ». "We had a catalog of songs and extraordinary texts and we were free to do what we wanted," Fletcher explained on topics that are part of the dialogues of the film.

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