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Emery retaliated against Kahn: “He needs to be revolted”

Villarreal finishes UEFA Champions League quarter-final with Munich Bayern draw 1 – 1triumphed in the overall score 2 – 1 and was ranked among the top four teams in the tournament.

After the sensational withdrawal from the tournament, the head of Bayern Oliveris Kahnas sought excuses and criticized his opponents’ style of play and explained that Bayern had failed.

“There aren’t many teams that are more comfortable playing against than Villarreal,” Kahn said.

The Villarreal strategist reacted to the German words Unai Emery: “Yes, if there is a need, we can” burn “time and I don’t see anything wrong with that, but I wouldn’t say we don’t want to play football. If the rivals are not putting pressure on us, then there is no need for us to move forward recklessly. Each team has its own tactics. For that reason alone, it does not seem right to me to disrespect my opponents. Kahn explained that Bayern was not lucky and that we were surprised. “I can tell Kahn that he needs to get better.”

Bayern“ trendy Julianas Nagelsmannas was alluding to plans to resolve all problems with Villarreal in the first match. It offended the Villarreal player Danį Parejo.

“When their coach started explaining that he wanted to end the series in the first match, then he showed disrespect to our club. When you spit in the wind, you often spit, ”said D. Parjo.

While the Bayern club is nervous about the sensational defeat, the Villarreal club has received praise from the Spanish football greats.

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“I would like to congratulate Villarreal. Probably few people expected two Spanish clubs to enter the semi-finals of the Champions League this season, “said Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Villarreal and Real were also praised by the Barcelona coach Xavi: “It just goes to show that La Liga is not far behind the Premier League. Whatever happens, La Liga has always been and will be a competitive league. All journalists should now be on Villarreal’s list of major clubs.


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