Emmanuel Macron instructs François-Henri Pinault to mobilize fashion around the environment

The Elysee hopes to obtain a battery of quantified commitments to reduce the environmental impact of clothing production and its distribution in the world.

By Juliette Garnier Posted today at 22h36

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François-Henri Pinault in Paris, April 24.
François-Henri Pinault in Paris, April 24. ERIC PIERMONT / AFP

The timing is tight. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has appointed François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering, to mobilize the fashion industry sector to adopt good practices and improve its impact on the environment. World Secretary of State to the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, Brune Poirson.

The boss of the French luxury group will rally his peers in the fashion industry to reduce the impact of their companies on the environment. " The sector is the second most polluting industrial sector in the world. You have to give it a direction "Recalled Mme Poirson, Tuesday, May 13, on the sidelines of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, devoted to sustainable fashion and taking place in the Danish capital until May 16. The goal is to present a "Fashion pact" at the next edition of the G7 to be held in Biarritz, at the end of August, a few weeks before the UN Secretary-General's climate summit, scheduled for September.

François-Henri Pinault: "At Gucci, 50% of customers are in their thirties"

Fashion must "change software"

"We need to build a coalition of fashion companies ready to adopt a platform of sustainable development goals"said Pinault, Wednesday, May 15, before 1,700 representatives of the fashion industry. In just a few weeks, the Elysée hopes to obtain a battery of quantified commitments and a timetable for implementation to reduce the environmental impact of clothing production and distribution worldwide. This pact will focus onclimate change, combating the loss of biodiversity around the world, protecting the oceans and sustainable financing "Says Marie-Claire Daveu, director of sustainable development for the luxury group.

The fashion industry must " change software »Formula Mme Poirson. This is not the only sector to be asked to reform. Always in view of the G7, the Elysee wants to obtain commitments from other industries. Mr. Pinault will not be the only boss of the CAC 40 to contribute. Emmanuel Faber, head of the Danone Group, has been tasked with rallying companies to take action against biodiversity loss.

Mr Pinault's mission letter is unveiled just days after the signing of a group agreement with the Italian authorities, which settles the dispute over the tax exemption for sales of its Gucci subsidiary in Switzerland. Mr. Pinault pledged 1.25 billion euros to the Italian tax authorities, to put an end to this dispute that tarnished the image of his group, while the leader claims to be exemplary in terms of sustainable development.

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Juliette Garnier ((Copenhagen, special correspondent))

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