Emmanuel Macron refines his device at the Elysée


Three new recruits reinforce the political pole of the Presidency of the Republic. They will be responsible for reconnecting with elected officials and rallying new support, from right to left, in the perspective of the municipalities in particular.

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Emmanuel Macron was looking for right wars for the European elections. Beyond the Juppéists. He finally had to lower his ambitions, while the head of the list Republicans (LR), François Xavier Bellamy, knew how to avoid the hemorrhage in his camp. Which act. The head of state chose to join the services of Jerome Peyrat, a former adviser to Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, who joined the political cell of the head of state Monday, May 13.

At 56, the former director general of the UMP and mayor for twenty-five years in the village of La Roque-Gageac, black Périgord, knows by heart the French electoral map. And even more that of the men and women of his camp who remain likely to rally Emmanuel Macron, even if they did not skip the ballot for the May 26 poll. Mr. Peyrat was indeed the linchpin of La France bold, a collective launched in the fall of 2017 to bring together the right-wing elected officials and the Macron-compatible center. Chaired by Jean-Luc Moudenc and Christian Estrosi, mayors LR of Toulouse and Nice, this movement was ultimately not the breeding ground that could hope The Republic on the move (LRM).

"We can expand more" on the left

"The beam is still working", usually says the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, to evoke the political recomposition at work since the election of Emmanuel Macron. On the right, it has clearly marked a pause in recent months and Jerome Peyrat who has distanced himself from Laurent Wauquiez, including in a forum published in Release in July 2018, can help revive the momentum, as municipal governments approach.

On the left, too, "We can expand more", judge Aurélien Taché, LRM deputy of Val d'Oise, who reminds that "Emmanuel Macron's electotat in the first round of the presidential election was center left". "The leftist sensitivities of the Socialist Party within LRM must be structured and expressed more", said Jean-Yves Le Drian, in Le Parisien Sunday, May 12.

Monday, has arrived another reinforcement in the political cell of the Elysee, Maxence Barré, a former MJS from the famous "Poitiers strip" (These young Macronists, from the left, having studied together in Poitiers). Director of the political pole at the Republic in progress before being the chief of staff of his boss Stanislas Guerini, he has an intimate knowledge of the presidential majority.

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A final arrival at the Elysee will complete the scheme in the coming days, that of Julien Autret, a Senate administrator also from the left who, after working alongside Gerard Collomb inside, had joined the team of Minister MoDem Jacqueline Gourault. With Rebecca Peres, the former collaborator of Bernard Cazeneuve, he will be the interlocutor of the deputies and his senators.

"Dupont and Dupond"

It is Philippe Grangeon, the special adviser of the Elysée, who is at the origin of this reorganization of the political cell. When he joined the Elysee Palace in late January, it was almost deserted: after the departure of Stéphane Séjourné who took the lead for the campaign for the European, parliamentary counsel Rebecca Peres is now the only holder of the post. The former trade unionist, from the left, then identifies the needs fairly quickly.

"When Philippe Grangeon, or Stéphane Séjourné before him speaks to an elected official, in the end, there is no doubt, they are left, it's like that. It was therefore necessary for someone who had an intimate knowledge of the moderate right to embody this widening right and center ", says one at the Elysee. But beware, we warn again, "Jerome Peyrat is not there to be the interlocutor of the right and Maxence Barré that of the left. Macronian enlargement is a culture of overcoming traditional divides. Peyrat and Barré, it must be Dupont and Dupond. They will be totally interchangeable. "

The crisis of "yellow vests" has also highlighted another lack of the Macronian device: the absence of elected in the team. Finally Emmanuel Macron must go to the obvious. Even when one makes politics differently and is the singer of "at the same time", it is difficult to get away from the realities of the field and the elected. "It's good that there are people at the Elysee who take care of a little politics"says a minister.

Virginie Malingre

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