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End of quarantine and return to normal: those who are afraid of it

We have longed for a return to one normal life. But now that we can finally see small flashes of normalcy under track whale a difficult thought to admit: I almost don’t go out anymore. Isolation turned into comfort zone. There are different situations, it would be difficult and imprudent to generalize the reasons that can lead to this fear. Certainly, for many, this state was probably once suspended, in some ways similar to adolescence, in balance between childhood and adulthood, comments Valentina Di Mattei, clinical psychologist of the San Raffaele Hospital and associate professor of the University Vita Salute San Raffaele in Milan. The suspension also concerns obligations and responsibilities, which is why it has its own charm which keeps it desirable in its elements of regression. For just as true – continues Di Mattei – that for some it was also a time of positive rediscoveries, of family ties lived more fully, of inhabited houses, of objects found, such as for example old photo albums. They are pieces of their own identity that found no space in the frenzy of life before quarantine. Now difficult to throw yourself back into the current, abandoning these aspects. Understandable, but perhaps not enough to overturn, as someone happens, choices that seemed imminent, such as going to live together or move house. If the quarantine has represented a sudden slowdown, normal that the most unstable objects fall and that balances and programs are called into question. For those who had the resources to do so, it was almost a period of “examination of conscience” concludes Di Mattei. It will not be a coincidence that even the retreats of silence and discernment of spiritual traditions are modulated over forty days, a quarantine, in fact.

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