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Energy, Bani (donkey): good EU Commission, now suspended incentives for gas boilers

The ecological transition also goes through geothermal energy and heat pumps

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“The ecological and energy transition is coming and will also go through the use of more geothermal energy. In fact, the Commission’s RePowerEu plan clearly states that it proposes to increase the 2030 target for renewables from 40% to 45% and that for energy efficiency from 9% to 13% on the same date as part of the “Fit for 55 “. . Predict the double diffusion of heat pump combined with the integration measuregeothermal and thermosolar energy in district heating and collective heating systems it is the right recipe to cure one of the energy problems in our country, that is, a gas-heated well and inefficient real estate. Now the ball is in politics in Italy: far-reaching choices and strategies are needed that go beyond the emergency situation. ” Riccardo Banithe president Donkey, Association for Emission Heating.

“The super bonus incentive system should be improved – continues Bani – to reward those who make choices that really aim to save energy and reduce emissions. technologies such as geothermal heat pumps “.

“It would also be desirable to spread an adequate culture and knowledge of existing technologies among citizens, supporting them in choices that reward the environment and lighten their bills”, Bani concludes.

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