Energy renovation: huge success for Maprimerénov ‘, with 15,000 applications submitted per week – Miscellaneous

The number of files to obtain Maprimerénov 'exploded in 2021

The number of files to obtain Maprimerénov ‘exploded in 2021 (© AFP)

The new bonus to help households renovate their homes has met with spectacular success. The state will have to put back to the pot to maintain the device throughout 2021.

(BFM Immo) – The success of Maprimerénov ‘is spectacular at the start of the year. According to information from BFM Business, the objectives set by the government should be greatly exceeded, with not 500,000 bonuses this year but probably close to 780,000. As a reminder, in 2020, there were less than 190,000 cases processed.

The help (see our file here to find out how it works), distributed by Anah (the National Housing Agency) has indeed been very successful since January. According to a source at the heart of the system, there are now about 15,000 files filed each week. At this rate, it will therefore not be 500,000 bonuses that will be granted this year, as was planned by the government, but probably around 780,000. On BFM Business on March 10, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire had already indicated that Maprimerénov ‘”works very well” and, that at the current rate, “we will have consumed the entire envelope before the end of the year 2021 “. But he then referred to 55,000 cases per month (a little less than 13,000 per week). The latest data shows that the movement is accelerating further.

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It must be said that, since January 1, 2021 (for quotes signed after October 1, 2020 for individuals), all owner-occupants, regardless of their income level, can now use the device, as well as condominiums. And from July 1, landlord landlords will also be able to make requests.

Maprimerénov ‘is an aid making it possible to finance part of the energy renovation work for buildings. This bonus must be used over a period of 5 years. The maximum amount, per household, is 20,000 euros.

One billion euros to be found in 2021

The success is such that a meeting was held on Friday between Anah, the Ministry of Housing and Bercy. And for good reason, it is an expensive device. The State had initially planned 1.655 billion euros to finance the 500,000 premiums planned for 2021.

It will therefore be necessary to return to the pot. And even if the average amount of the premium has decreased slightly (from around 4,000 to 5,000 euros to go to nearly 3,000 euros), our sources suggest an additional envelope needed of around one billion euros. Because for the moment a priori, there is no question of slowing down the energy renovation machine. It will undoubtedly be a question of rebalancing the spending planned within the framework of the recovery plan and of using the money that will not have been spent on certain devices and redirecting them towards those which, on the contrary, literally explode, at the image of Maprimerénov ‘.


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