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The arrival of James Rodriguez al Everton has generated great expectation in the English press, who followed the performance of the midfielder step by step in his first game on english soccer.

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The Times newspaper made a great report on the performance of the Colombian footballer in his debut with Everton in this Sunday’s 0-1 victory over Tottenham, ensuring that the midfielder that stood out in the 2014 World Cup was seen again. , in which he ended up being the scorer.

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“There’s a new playmaker in town. Maybe the Premier League lost Silva (David) this summer, but has won a Golden Shoe. It is still hard to believe that the player in Everton’s number 19 jersey, who shares flank with Seamus Coleman and Abdouyale Doucuré, be the same as the warrior who dazzled us at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Six years later, the cherubic face of James Rodríguez has not aged, although his career has remained in a perpetual stage doubt. Trapped in the periphery of Real Madrid and the Bayern Munich, without possibilities of realization and maturation, had become the Peter Pan of football. No player wants to spend the best years of his career at Neverland, “begins a post that highlights the importance of James as a player.

In addition, he talks about the importance that Everton gives to James and that dream reunion with the coach Carlo Ancelotti, who has always trusted the Colombian and has empowered him to have a great performance.

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Everton it offered a new beginning and a reunion with an old face. Carlo Ancelotti is a particularly skilled coach on the fine lines of the ego of Super stars who drives, and the coach who has always considered Rodríguez a talisman. At Real Madrid it inspired him to his best season, and at Bayern Munich, his paths had crossed too quickly. Now it has presented him with a new opportunity to rekindle a career that had been dormant for too long, ”the publication adds.

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