England or Germany? Callum Hudson-Odoi speaks Bavaria jewel into the conscience

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After Jamal Musiala’s brilliant debut for England’s U21 national team, the press was jubilant. Knowing full well that the FC Bayern youngster would also be eligible to play for Germany. Teammate Callum Hudson-Odoi tries a charm offensive.

In the European Championship qualifier against Albania, Jamal Musiala started for the U21 team of the English association for the first time – and scored for the Three Lions for the first time after half an hour. “Bayern Munich’s youngster steals the show,” wrote the DAILY MAIL after the game, which England won 5-0.

The 17-year-old, who was born in Stuttgart, will later still have the option of deciding against England and for a future with the German association. Callum Hudson-Odoi, who like Musiala scored against Albania, charms the newcomer from FC Bayern.

Hudson-Odoi said after the Albania game that he had spoken to Musiala about whether he could choose between the two teams. “I told him to stay with England. He already knows a lot of the guys and is very welcome in the team.”

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Hudson-Odoi continued: “I said to him: ‘I can’t decide on you, but it would be nice if you stayed with England.’ Hopefully he’ll get to the seniors as soon as possible. “

Musiala was in the youth departments of Southampton FC and the FC Chelsea educated. In September last year, Bayern Munich snatched the English talent.


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