English to Arabic, 10 Countries Close Entrance to RI

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is currently one of the events that is in the world’s spotlight. This increase is in fact also a global concern.

Some countries have decided to close their doors on arrivals from Indonesia or allow them only with some special criteria. Here’s a summary CNBC Indonesia:


The UK is also revising travel for nationals wishing to travel to and from Indonesia. The royal state included Indonesia on the red list after previously being on the yellow list.

The policy will be taken starting today, Monday (19/7/2021) at 4:00 local time. Citing the official government website www.gov.uk, the spread of the new corona virus (Covid-19) is one of the causes.

“To prevent the Covid variant from entering the UK, it is best not to travel to red zone countries,” the country wrote in an announcement of travel advice to Indonesia.

It was stated that there would be restrictions on the entry of Covid-19 for Indonesia. There are a number of special conditions.

With this regulation, the UK will only allow arrivals from Indonesia to its citizens and Indonesian citizens who have a permit to work and study in the area. Non-essential travel such as tours will be suspended.

2. Filipina

In the Philippines, the local government said it would prohibit travelers from Indonesia from entering the country from July 16 to July 31. The decision was taken after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte approved the recommendations of the Philippines’ Covid-19 Task Force regarding the list of countries that are subject to travel bans.

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“Passengers who have transited from (Indonesia) and all those who have been in the same place in the 14 days prior to arrival to the Philippines, who arrived before 12.01 pm on 16 July 2021, can still be allowed in. However, they must undergo quarantine 14 full day even though their PCR swab test results were negative,” Roque said as reported by the website philstar.com.

3. Bahrain

Bahrain is also taking a similar step. In the report Saudi Gazette, the government of the Middle Eastern island nation included Indonesia along with 15 other countries on the red list.

This makes people who enter the country for non-essential purposes. Starting from tours to transit, arrivals will be suspended.

“Passengers arriving from ‘red list’ countries, including passengers who have transited through any of these countries at any point in the previous 14 days, are barred from entry unless they are citizens or residents of Bahrain,” according to official media reports. BNA.

Even so, arrivals from Indonesia are still allowed for Bahraini citizens themselves and owners of residence permits in that country. Launch Arab NewsAfter arriving in Bahrain, they will be required to undergo a 10-day quarantine.

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