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Enjoy ‘Fortnite’ without construction… New launch of ‘Build Zero’

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– ‘Build Zero’, a new battle royale that battles without construction unlike the classic battle royale

– Solo, Duo, Trio and Squad play available on the Discover page

– You can also earn Battle Pass XP, and share quests with Classic Battle Royale.

– Chapter 3 – Playable until the end of Season 2

– Raised $100 million for humanitarian aid in Ukraine by the 29th

No construction all this season <포트나이트>was able to enjoy

Epic Games Korea, the Korean subsidiary of Epic Games, is developing and servicing Epic Games Korea. <포트나이트>announced today (30th) that it has launched ‘Build Zero’, a new battle royale without a construction function.

Unlike classic battle royale, where a structure built through construction can be used as a shield, ‘Build Zero’ is a battle that competes to become the last survivor with only weapons, items, and one’s own exploration ability, along with a rechargeable external shield. it is royal

Chapter 3 – No Construction with Season 2 Open <포트나이트>Players who experienced ‘Build Zero’ during this season will be able to enjoy battles without the construction function whenever they want, whenever they want.

You can play solo, duo, trio, or squad just like in Classic Battle Royale, and you can also earn Battle Pass XP. Quests are also shared with Classic Battle Royale. ‘Build Zero’ can be accessed through the Discover page that appears when you press the ‘Change’ button above ‘Start’ in the waiting room.

You can enjoy ‘Build Zero’ until the end of Chapter 3 – Season 2 on June 3 (subject to change). Epic Games plans to decide whether to maintain ‘Build Zero’ in subsequent seasons based on user participation this season.

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Meanwhile, Epic Games announced that as of the 29th, $100 million (about 12.95 billion won) has been raised in humanitarian aid for citizens suffering from the Ukraine war.

Epic Games decided to ‘support for humanitarian aid in Ukraine’ and <포트나이트> Chapter 3 – Season 2 opens for a full month until April 3rd <포트나이트> It has announced that all proceeds will be donated to citizens affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. During this period, the purchase price of all products paid for in Fortnite, such as V-Bucks packs, Fortnite crews, Battle Pass gifts, and decorative item packs, which are paid products, will be provided as a subsidy.

Park Seong-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, “With the opening of Chapter 3 – Season 2, <포트나이트>We would like to thank the players for their warm support. For those of you who felt burdened with construction, you can feel free to use the newly launched ‘Build Zero’ <포트나이트>You will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.”

He continued, “I hope that you will play a lot so that Build Zero can continue after this season. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who contributed to ‘Support for Humanitarian Relief in Ukraine’, and we plan to quickly deliver the funds raised for the remainder of the period to those suffering from war.”

For more information on ‘Build Zero’, see <포트나이트> official cafecan be checked in

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