Enjoy the last Sunday of summer. From Monday there will be a real storm, with lots of rain and strong wind – Observer

So, take the kids, the dog, the companion, challenge the friends or enjoy the Sunday alone where in some places “like Ribatejo, the maxims approach 30 degrees”, because “at the beginning of the week, the temperatures they return to values ​​of the order of 20 degrees, between 20 and 22 degrees ”with“ the interior varying between 15 and 17 degrees ”and the slightly warmer South“ close to 23/24 ”.

The minimums, these can drop considerably from Monday, and walk between 13 degrees on the coast and below 10 degrees inland. Yes, they already ask for blankets or warm blankets on the bed.

Lisbon with 100% rain forecasts on Monday and Tuesday and 93% on Wednesday

The same forecast for Porto: Monday and Tuesday it rains all day and Wednesday almost

In Faro, the worst rainy days are Wednesday and Thursday

In Évora, from Monday to Thursday, the rain will not stop

Inland, as in Guarda, cold days are added to the rain – the maximum does not exceed 12 degrees

Bragança will have rain until Sunday and nights to reach just 5 degrees

In Ribatejo, the days will remain mild, but the rain will fall heavily

The same forecasts for the central region: a rainy week

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