Entities acquire the Matafongo wind farm

InterEnergy Group and the Closed Fund for the Development of Popular Societies, managed by AFI Popular, a subsidiary of Grupo Popular, acquired the Matafongo wind farm, located in the municipality of Baní, Peravia province, with an investment of more than US $ 50 million.

InterEnergy Group has assumed 75% of the investment and the Popular Society Development Fund 25%. Meanwhile, the Superintendency of Electricity and the National Energy Council approved the operation under ordinances CNE-AD-0036-2020 and SIE-085-2020-TC, respectively.

The Matafongo wind farm, originally developed by the Spanish company Inveravante with a syndicated financing led by Banco Popular Dominicano, another subsidiary of Grupo Popular, has a capacity of 34 megawatts (mW) in operation and the possibility of expanding by 16 megawatts (mW ), thus totaling 50 megawatts (mW) of renewable energy.


Currently, its annual generation is 104 gigawatt hours (gWh), which are injected into the national electricity system, diversifying the country’s energy sources towards a more sustainable scheme.


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