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Entrepreneurs support measures and are ready to help

By ensuring that there is no break with the business sector after presenting his economic recovery plan, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador He pointed out that in the meeting he had yesterday with businessmen at the National Palace, they expressed their support and endorsement of the measures that his administration has implemented to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, and indicated that the businessmen are willing to help with what the government asks of them.

In Press conference, the head of the federal Executive assured that most of the country’s entrepreneurs have an attitude of collaboration and support for the federal government.

“There is a collaborative and supportive attitude on the part of most entrepreneurs, practically all of them. Yesterday I met with some businessmen and we had a dialogue, a conference call, because some are complying with the recommendations to take care of themselves because in some cases they are older people, but they are pending and they are expressing their support for the government, that was revealed yesterday in the conversation. that we held. “

“I tell you about three who participated: Carlos Slim, Alberto Bailleres and Germán Larrea, it is a group called “Grupo México“or” Mexico City and I explained to them what the plan is that we are carrying out and they agreed, I say this so that there is no false news, so that things are not distorted. “

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The president indicated that the conversation that lasted almost three hours was also to thank them because these employers promised not to fire any worker despite the fact that they are at home, “they even offered and that is important, that they will help to support their small business providers, help them by paying them as quickly as possible, advance payments, that was an offer, I thanked them and that they are willing to help with what the government asks of them, that was the atmosphere of the conversation ”.

– “Is there no break with the businessmen, president?”

– “Not the contrary, they are acting very responsibly,” he said.

López Obrador reported that at the meeting he also explained to employers what are the measures his administration is taking to deal with the pandemic and that, he indicated, they are going to deepen to reactivate the economy soon “with the understanding that the first it is to get out of the contingency but it is not to get out of the contingency and allow time to act in the economic reactivation ”.

“We are preparing ourselves so that after we come out of the contingency there will immediately be an economic spill in the country for jobs and to strengthen consumption and if it is the plan that this was made known to them and they agreed and most importantly I repeat their open support for the government. ”

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However, the president pointed out that there are businessmen who consider that financial rescue measures that existed in previous administrations should be applied, such as fiscal privileges, price increases, freezing of wages, and dismissal of workers, but “not that was left behind , that went down in history; in the case of Mexico, to the garbage dump of history. That did not help what we said yesterday coronavirus finished precipitating, it came to precipitate the great failure of neoliberal policy in the world ”.

López Obrador pointed out that today he will have a meeting again in the afternoon with businessmen from Monterrey, where the same information will be exposed to them.


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