Entries can be submitted to the ‘Etxebegiak’ competition until 10 May

Sade and Ikertz have promoted a family initiative called ‘Etxebegiak’; participants will have to create a film at home. People of any age can participate, individually or in groups, if they have the same cohabitation unit. The subject is free. It can represent the reality of confinement, or reproduce a mythical movie scene. Entries can be submitted until May 10.

To participate, form one must be filled. Teaching Guide they have also prepared one to help participants, encourage them to think together, talk about the reality they want to portray and decide how to explain it.

There will be three opportunities to participate. The first, ‘Minuto Lumière’, is a tribute to the Lumière brothers, the inventors of cinema. The second, ‘Minute Alice Guy’, a tribute to the inventor of the cinematic language Alice Guy. Third, ‘Unmodified Opportunity’. The instructions for each option can be consulted in the teaching unit.

Candidates must follow the following rules: the short film must be original and unpublished, that is, it must never have been presented in the media (on the Internet, on television, in cinemas …), at a festival or in any competition. The title, description and credit titles of the short film must appear. It should last between one and three minutes. It can be in Basque, Spanish or mute. Works will be accepted in any digital format. They also warned that the organization will reject and remove all videos that violate people’s honor or right to privacy, that contain racist messages, or that apologize for the violence.

The works that have reached the final will jump to the big screen at the Looks Amateur Film Festival. These works will be screened in a round table moderated by film professionals. Numerous prizes will be distributed among the winners of the different categories. Competition all bases are available online.


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