Envy of Todorenko’s success eats Ivleev? The language barrier prevents bloggers from achieving worldwide popularity

This is evidenced by Anastasia’s personal competition, which could go to Eagle and Reshka to prove to her competitor that she is better.

Regina’s success is noticeable that she was able to achieve all this thanks to her erudition and education. What, on the contrary, her former colleague cannot boast of. Even taking part in a joint show, you can notice with a naked eye the difference in the behavior of the hosts, and the corresponding reaction of the fans.

Now Nastya is trying to attract maximum attention, arranging almost daily live broadcasts on instagram. And the guests of her “show” are far from unknown persons, such as Maxim Galkin, Lolita Milyavskaya, Maria Minogarova, and in the next issue even Philip Kirkorov himself. But the language barrier, unfortunately, does not allow her to achieve world popularity by attracting foreign stars.

Even looking through the old editions of Oryol and Reshka, in which Ivleeva plays the role of presenter, you can pay attention to how difficult it is for her to communicate with people around her, while abroad. What can not be said about Todorenko, who without any difficulty copes with this perfectly, causing more sympathy among the audience than Nastya.

During one of her live broadcasts, the American singer and actor Jared Leto suddenly joined the blogger, but she managed to talk to him with great difficulty, because she can not even talk about her activities due to the lack of basic English knowledge. What can we say about attracting public from all over the world, and not just from Russia.

Traveling to different countries, Regina could always easily establish a dialogue with any passerby or give an interview to foreign media. And Nastya can only dream about it. Envy of Todorenko’s success, apparently, eats her so much that she finally decided to start learning English remotely. Apparently, she realized that otherwise she would not get close to the number of subscribers that her ex-colleague had.


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