Epic Games, already ready to tackle VR?

Fortnite players are already dreaming about it: what if Epic Games developed a virtual reality Battle Royale? Recent rumors suggest a port to the recent VR headsets already available on the market. Myth or reality ?

Fortnite, about to embark on virtual reality? This is the question that burns the lips of some fans. After all, the Battle Royale is on all fronts : from PC to home consoles, via Nintendo Switch and smartphones … Even if that said, iOS gamers will have to wait before they can play again on their iPhones and iPads. As the franchise is expected to expand on next Gen consoles, can we already see a portage on VR headsets looming on the horizon?

Fortnite, already ready for the virtual reality experience?

According to recent information, it is very likely that Epic Games has already worked on the issue and that it is preparing its arrival in force in this battlefield that is virtual reality. Info who comes to us du fuiteur @ShiinaBR. By mining in the game data, he found that some files were already compatible with many VR devices. Especially HTC Vive headsets, Oculus Go, but also Oculus Touch and Valve Index.

Said ShiinaBR tweet about Fortnite and VR

It remains to be seen what Epic Games will actually unveil. For now, another game seems to overshadow the franchise in the field of VR. It is “One”, considered the Fortnite of virtual reality. Faced with such competition, one can imagine that the mastodon will not let itself be trodden on … Far from it! As for knowing in what form such a project will see the light of day, only the future will tell. Stay tuned, because this case is Follow very closely.

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