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Epic Games Now Tackles Legacy Aim

For several months, Fortnite players have been deeply rooted in a thorny subject: aiming aid. Available on a controller, it often provides a valuable advantage in combat.

[Mis à jour le 9 mars 2020 à 12h35] This is the big debate surrounding Fortnite right now: theaim assist, that is to say the aid for long distance aiming, greatly benefits console players compared to PC enthusiasts. One trick is to quickly press between the L2 and R2 keys, so that you can automatically target an enemy … sometimes invisible. What cause heated exchanges between the two communities, one accusing the other of enjoying a clear advantage. And in fact, difficult to prove them wrong: this technique allows in particular to spot enemies through the walls, or in the middle of wheat fields. Here is a video illustrating the phenomenon:

Epic Games, after having let sink for several months, finally decides to react. A proper nerve will be brought to the aiming aid on March 13. If it does not disappear completely (which would give an advantage to keyboard / mouse players), this assistance will be greatly reduced. Only the “linear” aid will remain. The latter only applies to short distances, and therefore does not make it possible to spot enemies through the walls.

To prevent your settings from being lost, Epic has added an option allowing players to save their current sensitivities. To do this, simply go to the game settings menu and navigate to the “Controller options” tab.

The next major events are postponed

Epic Games a ad Fortnite tournaments with cash prizes will not be held until performance issues affecting players and servers have been resolved. “Our goal is to improve performance before launching any competition with prizes“.

A decision that therefore directly affects the Fortnite World Cup, a major event, the largest in the calendar year. Last year, it was organized in New York for the first time and the reward amounted to 30 million euros. More importantly, it is an opportunity to offer a great publicity. Over 2.5 million spectators attended this e-sport event. 40 million players had participated in the eliminatory tests.

It is therefore through a technical setback that Epic Games justifies this cancellation, which would have nothing to do with the coronavirus. Players are also placing themselves on this ground and believe that it is a consequence of the recent change of graphics engine Unreal Engine Chaos. But if the technical problems are resolved, it is a safe bet that these events bringing together thousands of people in a confined space will be canceled…

Fortnite: soon warnings in case of too long session?

Fortnite has long come under fire from critics for its appeal to children, who don’t seem to know when to stop playing. The battle royale would include a new set of limitations and warnings designed to keep people from playing excessively long. As often, the information comes from data miners, and more specifically from FireMonkey.

One of these warnings says: “You have been online for 3 consecutive hours. In-game earnings will now be reduced by 50% and challenge progression has been disabled. For your own health, please log out and rest. Proper exercise is good for your body“Fortnite could even go further by proposing real penalties for the player, who would be very clearly encouraged to withdraw.

Although this limit has not yet been officially communicated or implemented, it appears to correspond to Chinese minors’ gaming laws that appeared last year. With regard to Europe, it is possible that warning messages may appear at stake, without the sanctions. A process already used by Nintendo, for example!

The helicopter would be the next vehicle to land!

The new aerial vehicle would take place in the essential battle royale mode of Fortnite, and it seems capable of transporting a whole squad! Like the aircraft in Chapter 1, helicopters would serve as a means of transportation and probably a military vehicle. It seems, however, that the latter will offer much better protection to your allies, since they will not be exposed on the wings.

This discovery in Fortnite data is the work of HYPEX, well known to the community. It echoes at the start of the season: we saw a helicopter on promotional images relating to one of the new sites: La Grotte (The Grotto). But when the gamers started playing, they discovered that the helicopters were nowhere to be found. This type of process, already used by Epic Games, therefore seems to join the hypothesis of the appearance of these new air vehicles.

This speculation does not stop there, and gives us more concrete details: the helicopter would have 1500 life points, would be able to “boost” the characters and inflict damage on the players. The biggest news that emerges from all of this is the fact that it appears that helicopters would not be equipped with weapons.

A “faction wars” event is expected this season

Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite is the scene of the confrontation between two factions: the Ghost and the Shadow. According to recent leaks, discovered by the inevitable FireMonkey, an event opposing them is preparing. Even if the player has already been able to make choices, it does not seem that they are final in Fortnite. The “Faction Wars” event will offer you to switch factions as often as you like. That said, a certain “Intel level” would reward players who remain loyal to their camp. As far as we know, this is a progress bar that fills with the time spent in the game. Rewards are obtainable thanks to it.

It is likely that the event will arrive by the end of the current season, that is to say in about two months. The players would have a certain influence on the conclusion of the latter. The leak recalls that the functionality has not yet been “fully developed”. It is therefore difficult to predict an exact publication date, knowing that we are only in the second week of the new season!

An “Infected” mode would be in preparation

According to recent leaks, a new temporary game mode will soon arrive on Fortnite. Called “Infected”, it would use the same principle used in other licenses like Call of Duty or Halo. A player would be infected from the start of the game. Its role will be to contaminate the maximum number of players. The information was discovered by FireMonkey on Twitter. According to him, the game files evoke a “new temporary mode”, which relies on an “infected” team and a “surviving” team. This would induce new powers, new characters never seen before in Fortnite.

Infected people would automatically become “infected companions”, who would have to support the first of its kind. It is not yet known how many people will be able to play simultaneously in this game mode, but it is likely that the number will be less than 100. It would be a major addition to the game, to complete the similar experience present in the Save the World mode.

Epic Games promises a second chapter with a faster pace in terms of news on Fortnite, an evolving scenario and a well-defined theme: “Top Secret” espionage. The entire Chapter 2 season 2 was released on Thursday, February 20, 2020 after a two-week postponement. The player must now choose between two factions: Ghost (ghost) or Shadow (shadow).

Changes on the map

As with every big update, the combat pass is reset to zero with exclusive content. But this is also the case of the card, which is slightly revised and brings its share of novelties. Some modifications have taken place on certain corners of the map, or in the center with the appearance of Eye Land. This new complex is part of the theme of this season, since it is a headquarters of secret agents. Several hidden tunnels are scattered across the map, and allow you to move quickly between hiding places. They walk in both directions and are located everywhere on the map. An interesting addition to flee or quickly join your allies. Most take the form of a public toilet, but they are also found in the form of a trash can.

Content is also enriched

Content is also expanding with new weapons and items. Minigun, rifle, pistol, bow, all of this new arsenal is part of espionage. Likewise, “sidekick” NPCs appear in some places. It is possible to fight them (they are aggressive) and pocket a reward thanks to the chest they leave behind their corpse. They are only available partly classic or in arena mode. This update notably introduces 6 mythical weapons. Also, the stick of dynamite, which was no longer available, is making a comeback.

A new “cardboard box” object allows you to hide inside and move around. It is a variant of the late bush. You might think it’s a nod to the Metal Gear Solid franchise. It is also possible to shoot from the cardboard, or to get out of it instantly to surprise your opponents.

The creative mode, also concerned

Three new islands will enrich Fortnite’s Creative mode. We thus find The Shark, the flat grate reception and the flying reception. But that’s not all, since a yacht is set up at location H1 on the map. Located off the coast, it is difficult to access, but promises a nice reward (a variant of golden AK).

No season 11 for this time in Fortnite, Epic Games has chosen to make a reboot of its battle royale game on October 15 in order to revive the competitive aspect of Fortnite with a brand new card. It is therefore season 1 of chapter 2 of Fortnite which started on October 15 with great fanfare after a real blackout imposed on players for almost two days. A monumental coup de comm which generated the concern of gamers. The developers simply played with their patience and here is the launch of a new season of Fortnite with many new features including swimming mechanics but also the appearance of boats as well as a new Battle Pass whose missions have been reimagined and whose the rewards go up to 1500 V Bucks!

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic Games took the opportunity to redesign its Combat Pass system (or Battle Pass for English speakers). This still costs 950 V Bucks (about 10 € real money) and offers you to rub yourself on many new missions in order to gain experience by playing (eliminating enemies but also engaging in many other activities like excavating chests and completing various challenges). Once all these challenges have been successfully completed, you can now earn up to 1,500 V Bucks, more than before! This will allow you to buy the Combat Pass for the following season but also to treat yourself in the in-game store by buying, for example, skins for your character!

The arrival of the second chapter of Fortnite introduced 6 new agents. Epic Games has declined them in a “solid gold” version. However, it will take a hell of a lot of hours to unlock them. Unlike the first season of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, accumulating experience will do something. It is possible to go beyond level 100, and the developers intend to exploit this characteristic. This is how it will be possible to obtain the gold skins from the “Top Secret” agents. The datamineurs have notably discovered the progression objectives, 6 in number.

  • Midas Gold: level 100
  • Brutus Or: level 140
  • Gold meowkey: level 180
  • Maya Gold: level 220
  • Skye Or: level 260
  • Banana Gold: level 300

Long-term goals, therefore, which will probably motivate hard-core players. Remember that this second chapter should be shorter than the previous one. We can estimate that it will end within two months. The well informed HYPEX estimates that we are already at 10% of the progress of this chapter … Which leaves a relatively short time to unblock everything.

Epic Games offers you to quickly but surely secure your account against hacks. And to better convince its players, the American studio offers rewards to find in the game. Concretely, two-factor authentication, also called A2F, requires the player to do a second check after the classic connection. After entering their password, the player will be asked to confirm their identity through a dedicated application (Google Authenticator for example) or by email.

The A2F is required in the event of a gift offered to one of its contacts, or for certain specific tournaments. To activate it, you must go to the Account settings, then in the section password and security. You then have the choice between activating thetwo-factor authentication by email or by the authenticator. In order to motivate players to further secure their account, Epic Games offers rewards accordingly. For Battle Royale players, you will get the emote Boogie down. For the “Save the world” mode, 50 arsenal slots will be given, and 10 of backpack. Finally, a legendary edition troll booty llama is to be recovered.

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