Epidemic curve and downward positivity: López-Gatell optimistic about COVID-19

During week 27 the highest point was recorded, with 57% positivity and “since then it has been decreasing steadily”. (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

This September 15, during the morning conference, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, released the current panorama of COVID-19 in Mexico and highlighted that the fact that the epidemic curve is in a “clear decline”.

According to the data collected by the Ministry of Health, until week 36 of the coronavirus pandemic Sars-CoV-2, a 38% positivity in people to whom the test was applied to determine if they had the disease. In this sense, he highlighted that during week 27 the highest point was recorded, with 57%, and “since then it has gone diminishing in a sustained way ”.

López-Gatell highlighted that statistics show data from a couple of weeks ago, because currently the country is in the number 38. “(Positivity) is one of the universally accepted indicators of decline in epidemic intensity”, He said.

Highlighted that have been registered 671,716 positives, while the estimates are 703,221 and the active cases are accounted for in 36,616 (5%). However, the main spokesman for the COVID-19 pandemic in the country pointed out that throughout seven consecutive weeks has decreased the number of cases each day and each week.

The percentage of positivity was 38% for week 36. (Photo: SSa)
The percentage of positivity was 38% for week 36. (Photo: SSa)

Another relevant data shown by the graphs presented by the undersecretary is that the 80% of estimated cases have recovered. This represents a figure of 475,795 people who no longer have the virus on their bodies. However, so far they have been reported 72,752 deaths from this disease.

According to the hospital occupation, which has been a very important factor during Phase 3, pointed out that the general care beds, which are used for people with important symptoms of the disease, they meet a 69% average availability nationwide. In particular, only the states of Colima and New Lion They are for above 50 percent.

In relation to the occupation of beds for those patients who require the help of a mechanical fan, Hugo López-Gatell detailed that they register a 26% occupancy nationwide, for what exists availability for others 7,801 sick people. In this area, the entities with the highest saturation are Aguascalientes (44%), Mexico City and New Lion (41%), Coahuila (36%) and Colima (35%).

In this way, the federal official highlighted the fact that since the week 29 so far, all the indicators to measure the progress of the pandemic have been consistent with the decrease in COVID-19 infections in Mexico.

López-Gatell asked that no congregations or parties be held for Independence Day.  (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
López-Gatell asked that no congregations or parties be held for Independence Day. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

López-Gatell pointed out that although there has been a downward trend in recent weeks, “the pandemic is still active”, so it is necessary to maintain all sanitary measures, in particular those of healthy distance.

The official also mentioned the use of face masks, especially in closed spaces, in order to mitigate the spread of the virus, just like him frequent hand washing and the use of antibacterial gel. It should be mentioned that as a complement to the masks, they can be used glasses The protective masks.

Regarding the national celebrations of this September 15 and 16, Dr. López-Gatell asked the population “not congregate, don’t do family reunions, do not make parties or mass celebrations so that we can maintain this rate of decrease in infections “.

He also asked citizens stay home and not go out into public life as far as possible, with the aim of continue to decrease the number of infections throughout the country.


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