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Epidemiological Bulletin for Deng, Chikungunya and Zika Case Surveillance (11/05)

Until 5/11, Minas Gerais recorded 57,687 probable cases (can be notified except those abandoned) of dengue. Of that total, 26,191 cases were confirmed for the disease. 14 deaths were confirmed by the disease in Minas Gerais (Araguari, Araxá, Betim, Bom Sucesso, Conselheiro Lafaiete, Espinosa, Itaúna, Ituiutaba, São Roque de Minas, Uberlândia and Urucuia) and 36 deaths have been investigated so far.

The State Health Department of Minas Gerais (SES-MG) reported that a death of dengue, a patient residing in the municipality of Pirapetinga, is not on the list of municipalities because it was reported in another state. SES-MG also informed that a death has been confirmed already being reviewed. This is a notification from the municipality of Buritizeiro, which is currently among the 30 deaths under investigation.

Regarding Chikungunya fever, 5,162 probable cases of the disease were recorded, of which 2,089 were confirmed. So far, no case has been confirmed for Chikungunya’s death in Minas Gerais, and one remains under investigation.

As for the Zika virus, 54 probable cases have been recorded, of which ten have been confirmed for the disease. There have been no deaths in Zika in Minas Gerais so far.

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