Epidemiologists: you can get sick anywhere because every second person can’t tell where they are infected

In 47% of cases, people managed to identify the source of infection – the main one is infection among family members, followed by workplaces and work teams, the disease remains in medical institutions, educational institutions and in 6% of cases the patient is infected in entertainment venues, such as partying or visiting entertainment venues. .

Epidemiological indicators in Latvia are on an upward trend – the number of detected Covid-19 cases has increased by 25.2% compared to the previous week, the number of tests performed by 2.6%, which indicates a direct increase in the number of cases and is not related to an increase in tests .

Assessing the number of inpatients, there is a tendency that on average 15% of all patients will need inpatient care after a week of illness.

If 217 patients were hospitalized 2 weeks earlier, then last week they were 281 patients, which is a 30% increase.

However, comparing the 14-day cumulative rates per 100,000 population in different countries, we conclude that the increase in morbidity in Latvia (229, 7) is below the European average, which is 602.9, but in Lithuania 664, 3. In 22 European countries, the increase is In 8 countries, the incidence is stabilizing or decreasing.

Assessing last week’s indicators in various aspects, it can be concluded that the incidence continues to rise. This indicates that special care must be taken with the prescribed precautions.

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