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This process, he said, “must be implemented transparently.” The current Turkish Constitution has already been amended several times. Four years ago, Erdogan initiated a change in the country’s constitutional system, which ultimately happened

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced the need to start a discussion on the creation of a new Constitution of the country. The head of state said this following a meeting of the Turkish government, reports Anatolia.

“Perhaps it’s time for Turkey to discuss the new Constitution again. We can start doing this soon, ”he said.

According to the president, “this process should be implemented transparently.” “The final text should be presented at the discretion of the nation,” Erdogan said.

Turkey changes Constitution: results of Erdogan’s referendum

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According to the Turkish leader, the authorities will soon share with the public information about the new package of reforms, which, in particular, will describe the goals and objectives. “If we reach an agreement on this topic with the People’s Alliance (the ruling party. – RBK), then in the near future we will get down to work on the new Constitution, we will begin to take steps in the parliament regarding legislation, and in the presidential administration – regarding administrative functions, ”Erdogan explained.


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