Erdogan’s Promise: Will Be Friendly With Biden!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan promised to maintain good relations with President of the United States (US) elected Joe Biden. He vowed to reform Turkey’s judiciary and economy and address the “lack of democracy” in the Anatolian country to adjust relations with the new White House resident.

“We are launching new mobilizations in the fields of economy, justice and democracy,” Erdogan said at a meeting of the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

However, many doubt that the reforms were carried out on the basis of normalizing relations with Biden. During this time Donald Trump had a good relationship with Erdogan, while Biden was always seen as a cunning partner.

Trump recently rejected calls from the US Congress to impose sanctions on Turkey’s purchase of Russian S-400 missiles last year and reportedly tried to interfere in the prosecution of Turkish state-run Halkbank for alleged sanctions violations against Iran.

“I got along with him (Erdogan) and he listened,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, Biden is a person who has always put forward democratic principles in his leadership. He criticized Turkey’s retreat from the rule of law and democratic practices. In an interview last December, he called Erdogan an “autocrat” and pledged to support the Turkish opposition.

On another occasion, Yasar Yakis, a founding member of the AKP and former foreign minister, said Erdogan’s era of easy access to the White House was “almost over”. He feels that in the future the two countries must find common ground to create a new base of relations.

“Whether Washington likes it or not, Ankara is an important player in the Middle East,” said Yakis.

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So, despite the doubts the future Biden administration has about Erdogan, the two countries will probably find common ground to protect their mutual interests.

Apart from improving relations with the US, Erdogan’s reforms are also seen as a way to calm the concerns of his own supporters, especially over the state of the Turkish economy, which has experienced extraordinary waves in recent times.

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