Eritrea: A series of mysterious explosions in the capital

On Saturday (November 28), late in the evening, a series of strong explosions took place in the capital of Eritrea – Asmara. Their cause and extent are unknown. The explosions were announced on Sunday morning by the US State Department, which called on US citizens to be especially careful.

The Reuters Agency points out that the outbreaks may be related to the military conflict in the Ethiopian province of Tigray neighboring Eritrea. On Saturday, the government army’s offensive against the provinces, which was seeking to increase its autonomy, ended on Saturday.

Authorities in Addis Ababa announced Saturday night that they are taking full control of its capital, Makelle. Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy tweeted that the military operations in Tigray have been completed. In turn, the leadership of the Tigra People’s Liberation Front, which has self-defense forces and an extensive organizational network, announced its withdrawal from Makelle.

The operation of the Ethiopian government troops entered its “final stage” on Friday. At that time, tanks and heavy artillery of the federal army began to approach Makalle. Units of the Tigra People’s Liberation Front (TFPL), although well-armed, were unable to stand up to the well-trained and equipped Ethiopian army.

The capture of Makelle, which, according to the statements of the Ethiopian command, would take place only a few days later, had become a matter of hours.

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Reuters recalls that last week, Tigrai forces fired several missiles at Eritrea, which has friendly relations with the authorities in Addis Ababa and is perceived as an enemy by the Tigers. In response, Eritrean special units made several forays into refugee camps located in Tigray. They arrested and kidnapped many political opponents of the government in Asmara, the Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leader Debretsion Gebremichael said on Saturday.

World news agencies on Saturday reported that federal police had announced a pursuit of the leaders of the Tigra People’s Liberation Front (TFPL) and associated forces that fought the Ethiopian military.

It is impossible to establish whether the Tigraine units remain operational and can conduct any military operations. Any information regarding the course of events in this part of the Horn of Africa is difficult to verify, as telephone and internet connections to the north of Ethiopia have been severed and access to information is tightly controlled by the government in Addis Ababa.

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