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Erling Haaland arrives in town to fulfill his father’s frustrated dream

Alf-Inge, Erling Haaland’s father, played for City and saw his career cut short by a “killer” kick from Roy Keane in the 2001 Manchester Derby.

Erling Haalandstriker for the Norwegian national team, sealed an agreement in principle with Manchester City on Tuesday to join the cast of ‘citizens’ next season.

The current Borussia Dortmund striker has put an end to a series of rumors linking him to dozens of teams in recent months, all of whom are willing to pay large sums to maintain the 21-year-old striker’s goal.

But the Haaland family has a history of football that connects them directly to the city. Alf-Inge, Pope Erlingdefended his ‘skyblue’ shirt between 2000 and 2003, the year he hung up his boots due to complications from a serious injury.

The retired advocate campaigned well with City until April 21, 2001, when he was the victim of a criminal kick. Roy Keane at the Manchester Derby.

The U.S. player wanted revenge on the Norwegian for a conflict in 1997 and, four years later, did well on his threat.

The injury started it all

On 27 September 1997, Manchester United visited Leeds United, where Alf-Inge was shining at the moment following a period in Nottingham Forest in the Premier League.

When Roy Keane went to discuss a ball in the ‘white’ area, one of his knees was caught on the grass and the midfield ‘red devils’ fell to the ground.

Haaland, with whom he argued the ball, approached him and called him to stop the false offense and get up soon.

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What the Norwegian didn’t know, and Keane didn’t too, is that the Englishman suffered torn ligaments and would spend several months recovering.

For Roy, Alf-Inge’s words were a provocation, an insult, reason enough not to forget his face and he promised revenge for the next matches on the field.

Game The Old Trafford Avenger

Four years after Roy Keane’s injury against Leeds, Manchester United received Manchester City at Old Trafford, with Haaland Sr. in the ranks of ‘citizens’.

86 minutes into the match, the referee signaled for a Norwegian substitution. he hits an iron “killer” on the defender’s knee.

Almost satisfied with the kick, Keane proudly got the red card and went to the locker room with the 1-1 score and ovation from the fans of the ‘red devils’.

“I was expecting it a bit. I forced myself to hit it hard. I said ‘take this, you bastard. And never look at me again and again. ‘. I think the ball was there, the British midfielder confessed years later.

Alf-Inge’s nightmare

As Keane walked out of the pitch at Old Trafford to the applause of United fans, Alf-Inge Haaland twisted in pain on the pitch.

He barely recovered and, four days later, played the penultimate game of his career for his national team. The following was another with City of England, but his right knee was never the same.

Haaland had to undergo surgery, but no surgery or treatment was managed to alleviate the discomfort.. He never played 90 minutes in a game again and chose to retire in 2003, at the age of 31.

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“There are things I regret in my life and what happened to him is not one of them,” Roy Keane told him years later.

Now Erling will have the opportunity to fulfill the family’s dream of success in Manchester City and bring the family’s name back against arch-rivals.

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