ESA Astronaut Thomas Pesquet Capturing Amazing Lights From Space

MY CONTROL – European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who was on a mission on the International Space Station (ISS) managed to capture the amazing moment.

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet managed to capture the moment where a subtle band of orange and green light stretched across Earth’s atmosphere while he was in the dome of the ISS.

Thomas Pesquet, as an ESA Astronaut explained that it is a phenomenon where the light from the city is “fighting” with the light from the stars.

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As Kendalku reported from Thomas Pesquet’s Twitter account, he said.

“A night image from Cupola: sometimes the starlight will fight with the urban lights to determine who is brighter and more beautiful”. Pesquet said.

Reported by Kendalku from the Daily Mail, the orange band of light is Earth’s sodium layer consisting of neutral sodium atoms that are in the upper atmosphere, originating from burning meteors.

Excited sodium atoms in the atmosphere create a visible light scene from space with the same green glow that comes from excited oxygen atoms.

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