esk family in Austria paid 665 kilograms of gold and silver worth less than 18 million crowns, now a fine | Svt

Vde The esk family wanted to forge a dog 665 kilograms of gold and a silver dog Austria. Customs officers found precious metals in her car in the west of the Alpine Republic. They also apparently wanted to avoid paying customs duties and will now have to pay a large fine, the Austrian daily Heute informed.

Austrian families detained the family on the Austrian-Austrian border of the Feldkirch-Wolfurt pedestrian. First, in the trunk of an apparently washed vehicle, customs officers poured 707 silver bars weighing 662 kilograms.

During the inspection, the daughters also encountered customs gold, 74 bars of gold weighing a total of 3.25 kilograms.

The family previously claimed that customs had only collected 4,000 euros in Liechtenstein and were actually headed to Zurich. But the customs officers did not know echm.

Customs officers assume that the family wanted to transfer the treasure worth 700,000 euros (ie 18.7 million crowns) to the Czech Republic without paying import duties in the amount of 96,700 euros (about 2.6 million crowns).

According to Heute, we now have an enormous fine, or goods worth more than 10,000 euros, for customs clearance. In connection with the case, Heute also quotes the Austrian Minister of Finance, Gernot Blmel, who took pride in the Austrian customs administration. In the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, the illegal movement of pensions is of paramount importance, Blmel said.

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