esk Nebuchadnezzar comes out in the burrow, looking like Pharaoh from Mesopotamia

Although it may look like that at first glance, Nebuchadnezzar should not be just a copy of famous games like Pharaoh and another piece from the Impressions Games studio.

We have developed the existing game mechanisms, added some new ones and we hope that we have brought the world into this world, written by the authors from the Prague studio Nepos Games, for which this is the first. Among the novelties is, for example, various social, sometimes residents, people with other needs and industries, depriving the environment and advancing diplomacy.

The games can be played on a running camp, which is a must. Monuments have to be an important element, their appearance is full of play. If they do not want to mess with them, they can handcuffs ready templates.

The development of the game started at the end, so we finally managed to release the official release date. You can tick Vkalendch on the 17th hole, in addition to Steam, it will also be available in the GOG store for about 450 K.


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