August 14, 2019

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Espanyol and Betis close the agreement for Borja Iglesias

Borja Iglesias will cease to be a player of Spanish in the next hours. After two months of soap opera, the parakeet club and the Betis have reached an agreement for the transfer of Panda, which will already be this Wednesday in Seville to pass the review with your new club.

The operation was well under way, but the officiality has come through Rastar Group, the company of Chen Yansheng, the owner of Espanyol, who has given all the details of the agreement. Two months after taking Ruby, the technician who achieved the seventh place with the parrots, Betis also signs the blue and white pichichi.

Stock Exchange Statement

"At its meeting on August 13, 2019, the board of directors of Espanyol approved the transfer," begins the informative note by Rastar, the Chinese group that controls the 99.35% of the shares of the Catalan set. The statement arrived on Wednesday morning at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The Betis will pay 18 million shortly, 5 more before December and the last 5 next year

The transfer is closed for 28.14 million, which was the value stipulated in the Galician forward clause. Betis will pay a first term of 18.14 million in the two days following the signing of the contract, probably already during this week.

The second term, of five million, must be paid before December 23th, while the last five must pay the green box before the June 1, 2020. In this way, the total amount would enter the 2019-20 fiscal year and Espanyol would receive an important injection immediately, as requested to close the agreement.

The most expensive sale

The blue and white entity you must allocate, as the note also includes, the 5% of the transfer (1.4 million) to Celta, The former Panda club. The parrots paid 10.1 million for the tip last year, becoming the most expensive signing ever of the club, label that now holds the 'Monito' Vargas. Iglesias would be from this moment the most expensive blue and white sale.

Rastar's statement notes that the net profit what Espanyol has left after parting with the Panda It is 11.7 million. Part of that amount could be dedicated to signing the substitute for Borja Iglesias. Among the names that are shuffled are Zaza, former player of Valencia now in Torino, Calleri (ex Alavés), Bush (Getafe), Andre Silva (Milan) and Mariano (Real Madrid). The first two are the best placed.

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