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Espanyol feels harmed by the use of VAR

The agonizing situation of the Spanish He has forced the club to raise his voice against what they consider an outrage by the referees this season. While Abelard maintains a policy of silence regarding the actions of the members, for the second consecutive week the club has complained bitterly of the use, in its random opinion, of the VAR through its various spokespersons. The entity does not blame its bad situation on arbitration decisions, but the Spanish He does feel hurt by the differences in criteria. The club has the feeling that it is always the victim and, before similar actions, the members make different decisions, many times, against them.

“We believe that the VAR you could use more, ”he explained Joan Capdevila, spokesman of the club, last Sunday to The vanguard . “Let it be used as many times as it is. It is incomprehensible that in the play of the grab to Wu Lei or the second yellow to Felipe the referee does not use it, ”he explained. The spokesman claimed two highly discussed actions in which the VAR He did not intervene. In the first, Wu Lei suffered a clear grip within the area. In the second, the central mattress Felipe did not see the second yellow after avoiding a backlash when grabbing Calleri.


Espanyol has complained on several occasions about the criteria in the use of video arbitration

The discomfort of the parakeet team also comes from the match against Valladolid in which David López was ejected after seeing a very rigorous first yellow card. “A week ago David López was expelled for two yellows in the 25th minute, the two teams playing our lives. Now a player is not ejected when she was a very clear yellow. They seem to be afraid to use the VAR. We ask that they use it, ”Capdevila explained.

These actions must be combined with what was lived in Seville, when the VAR alerted the collegiate for a possible expulsion of Sergi Gómez, who knocked down Calleri when he left alone towards the goal of Vaclik. The referee admonished the central and indicated foul, something that until now had not happened after a review of the video arbitration. Espanyol did not complain at the time because Embarba ended up missing.

Espanyol has claimed the performance of the VAR on many other occasions this season. As against Villarreal, when Javi López was expelled by a hand that previously hit him in the body. In that same meeting González Fuertes did not point to a penalty by Pau Torres after a shot by De Tomás. At that time, Rufete, football director, said flatly that “it was a penalty, today I see it and it is a penalty and tomorrow I will see it and it will be a penalty. It’s very clear”.

A legal goal annulled to David López in the Wanda Metropolitano that would have supposed the tie to two. Another of Bernardo in San Mamés for an offside that seemed not to be and a Vinícius entry in the Bernabeu that was claimed as a red card are other grievances for which the parakeet team has protested.

“In one season it is always said that there is a balance, sometimes you benefit and sometimes you are hurt, but this year, how many times have you benefited us? One two? I do not remember. It is rare that the VAR is not entering those moves. It is fortunate for the referee to have it. Right now we all play a lot, all points are gold and they have to be more careful in this type of games, ”said the Spanish spokesman.

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