"Espanyol has a game where the sides participate a lot, it's a perfect club for me"


Espanyol presented his sixth signing this Friday, Sébastien Corchia, who comes from Sevilla until the end of the season with a purchase option of 3 million euros. The French side, 28, was excited to come to "a family club with a great history", where he wants to "show" and have the continuity that he did not have for injuries in Seville and Benfica. "The first year in Seville, the first six months were very good. I played 22 games, but afterwards I was not lucky with the injuries. From the first time they told me that Espanyol wanted me, I wanted to be here It's a perfect club for me, "commented Corchia. The Frenchman has reminded him of "difficult" the stage in which the injuries prevented him from playing, but made it clear that he is ready to bring "competitiveness" to the squad: "I have done a good preseason and I'm ready to start well" .

The lateral one has been defined as a right wing that he likes to attack. "It is my main role, I like to attack and help the team with offensive movements. I can do many races in the band." The defense acknowledged that he was pleased with two conversations with David Gallego and Javi López. "The coach has asked me to do what I can do. Defend first and attack to help. We have a game where the sides participate a lot. I really liked the conversation I had with him. Javi is a great person and player. He told me that I can talk to him and with anyone in case I have questions. There is a very good group atmosphere, "he said.

The professional soccer director, Rufete, commented that Corchia "has a great experience, is a player with very modern qualities." The winner of Benejússer highlighted the fact of being close to entering the Europa League group stage, which means that the entire squad has "more chances of competing and being able to offer the best of themselves" . "The signings, in addition to those of the subsidiary, represent a mixture of experience, future and solvency. Probably this year we have one of the best templates in the recent history of this club, with everything that implies for veterans of this club ", added Vice President Carlos García Pont.

They continue to work to incorporate Calleri

Rufete also pronounced on the last movements of the market. Most importantly, the search for a striker who replaces Borja Iglesias is in an advanced phase, but not closed. The great goal, although he has refused to mention his name, is Jonathan Calleri. "I do not want to talk about players' names that we have the chance to take here. The forwards market is moving, we know that there are many teams that depend on movements in other places, where many things can happen. We are working to To incorporate as soon as possible the player we have chosen. Until there is nothing closed, it is good to say nothing. What we want is that the player decided to be here soon to leave the template for the meter well-ordered before the market is closed. ".

The professional soccer director pointed out that they did not make the squad considering a possible classification for the group stage of the Europa League – with the consequent sporting and economic incentives that this would imply. "We did not count on this economic goal -which would mean classifying ourselves- because we believe we will be able to make a competitive template with our own resources, generating them as before. We must be satisfied. We will try to close the situation of the tip as soon as possible and see how everything is tidy. " Rufete wanted to insist on the ability to "generate hope" in the face of the fans, but always within the economic possibilities of the club. "We have to live with the reality of the market and the goals. As a sports director, with 50 million it would be very clear, but now you go to market with more or less and you have to hit the player's performance. which I bet ".

On the situation of Pipa, Rufete has commented that if they consider that it will not have minutes they will look for an exit to him. Asked about the interest of clubs like Bayern Munich or Madrid by Marc Roca, he has confined himself to responding that he does not tell him the interest of the targets – or, at least, they have not transferred that interest to the club – and that, In the event that someone wants to pay their clause, it is a situation that the club "does not control". "We listen to all the clubs as we have done all summer, and we have our opinion. They are supposed to occur or not. We'll see what happens."



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