Estela de Carlotto: “Berni apologized and we consider the matter closed; now we have to look at Bullrich” – Télam

Carlotto closed the episode with Berni.

The head of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto, asserted this Tuesday that, after an apology from the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, the episode of criticism that the official launched towards the group of Human Rights organizations, and warned that, “now, we must look at Patricia Bullrich.”

The matter with Berni

Carlotto was consulted regarding the criticisms launched by Berni against the group of Human Rights organizations, statements that earned her a repudiation from the organizations after which the Buenos Aires minister apologized.

“It was a very unpleasant, offensive and painful surprise”, said the head of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo and assured that, before that “such an aggressive and painful message, the reaction was immediate.”

“We transmitted the statement to everyone, telling them to take care of their work because they did not comply, when democracy was really at risk, when the police surrounded the President’s house in Olivos,” he said.

However, Berni’s response was “a request for forgiveness, he apologized, and having a rectification, life continues because there are much more important things to talk about and be aware of in this tremendous pandemic.”

“Berni was wrong from beginning to end. I had a very good impression of his previous actions, he always had respect and moderation; but, now, it seems that he is very nervous, I don’t know what is wrong with him, he is making mistakes in his actions,” he said. Carlotto.

The matter with Bullrich

However, he clarified that the episode is “completely closed” and he warned “we cannot stay around one issue; rather, we must look at Patricia Bullrich, who is a disaster and is permanently inciting to violate democracy and the Constitution.”

To the president of the PRO “you have to stop her, and let her be grateful that she is in another government because if she were in hers, surely she would go to jail just in case”, ironized the reference of Human Rights.

Estela de Carlotto was consulted about Bullrich’s sayings, who said that leaders of Together for Change are “regarded by society as the possible replacement of this Government in 2021.”

In this regard, he assured that “what (Bullrich) wants to say is that you have to turn the government over, that’s what he wants. He doesn’t resign himself to not being a winner, not being a majority.”

“Unfortunately we know this lady; let us remember that the salary of retirees was lowered,” he recalled, referring to the 13% cut that Bullrich applied, when she was Minister of Labor during the Government of Fernando De La Rúa.

“But you have to tell her: ma’am, look, you can go to jail, you are declaiming the insubordination of a people. You have to call your attention, although you should not care at all,” Carlotto completed.


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