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Estrie stabilizes at around 100 cases per day | COVID-19 | The gallery

Lhe many outbreaks in CHSLDs and private seniors’ residences (RPA) continue to wreak havoc. No less than 19 seniors have died from complications from COVID-19 in the past seven days.

The management of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS has decided to no longer distribute a daily report on outbreaks in progress during the holiday season. It is therefore impossible to know the extent of the outbreaks in each of the local service networks (RLS) in the greater health region of Estrie. However, the Ministry of Health and Social Services continues to publish the lists of CHSLDs and private residences for the elderly (RPA) in “critical situation” and in “situations under high surveillance”. We can see that six private seniors’ residences (RPA) and one CHSLD in Estrie are now on the provincial list of CHSLDs in critical situation.

The RPA Place Sanborn in Ayer’s Cliff, the Pavillon du parc de Granby, the Résidence Sérénité de Saint-Ludger (RLS du Granit), the Résidence Haut-Bois in Sherbrooke, the Coaticook family home, the Duhamel residence in Notre-Dame -de-Stanbridge (RLS de la Haute-Yamaska) as well as the CHSLD Center Marie-Berthe Couture in Granby currently account for more than 40% of residents who are still suffering from COVID-19.

Take the example of the Haut-Bois Residence, which has been battling an outbreak of COVID-19 for a month. So far, 47 users and 18 employees have been infected, while six residents have died from complications related to the infection. A difficult situation for all residents and staff, explains Léa-Maude Roy, communications manager at Résidence Haut-Bois.

“I cannot say that things are going well at the residence yet. At the last screening, there were still positive people. We can’t wait to see the next results, ”adds Ms. Roy.

“I would say morale is still good, despite the circumstances. Residents who are infected and are still here are doing quite well. As for the employees, as we receive help from outside, they have more time to take care of the residents and that encourages them, ”she adds.

The Brooks Residence in Sherbrooke and the Saint-Antoine Residence in Granby (new outbreak on Wednesday) follow on the list of RPAs in “situation under high surveillance” with 15 to 30% of their residents still infected with COVID-19.

The situation has finally stabilized at CHSLD Villa-Bonheur in Granby. There are only three seniors left who have not yet recovered from COVID-19. When the outbreak is over, however, there will be a very large void inside this CHSLD with around 100 places: almost a third of residents died within just a few weeks.

Another week on a roller coaster

Estrie’s COVID-19 toll began to rise again on Wednesday with 123 new confirmed cases. Quite a contrast to the data from Monday and Tuesday, where there were 73 new cases each day as well as 99 cases on Sunday, but fully consistent with the 122 and 123 new cases from Friday and Saturday.

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