Ethiopia – UN calls for “opening of humanitarian corridors”

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, asked to be able to access the combat zones in Ethiopia in order to come to the aid of the inhabitants.

Antonio Guterres told the media to have called for “full respect for international law and the opening of humanitarian corridors” this Friday in New York.


UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Friday called for “the opening of humanitarian corridors” to come to the aid of the population trapped in the fighting in the Ethiopian region of Tigray, regretting that the authorities refuse any mediation.

“We are particularly concerned about the situation in Ethiopia” and the resulting “dramatic humanitarian impact”, including in Sudan, he told media in New York.

“We are doing everything we can to mobilize humanitarian support for the refugees who are already in Sudan. We demanded full respect for international law and the opening of humanitarian corridors, ”he added without further clarifying their location.

Currently “it is a black hole” this region of Tigray in Ethiopia where the fighting is taking place, said a UN official on condition of anonymity. We must be able to reach the populations who are in the large centers, he said.

Humanitarian aid needed

“The truth is that it should be necessary for humanitarian aid to be channeled into conflict zones,” continued Antonio Guterres. “This is a huge concern for us” and “I hope these appeals will be heard”.

“I hope this will end quickly and Ethiopia will be able to find the peace this country needs for its development and the well-being of its people,” the secretary-general also said.

Unfortunately, “so far, there is no agreement from the Ethiopian authorities for external mediation,” he lamented, indicating that he had increased calls in recent weeks to leaders in Africa and around the world.

“And this is probably the reason why this subject has not yet been discussed at the UN Security Council and no initiative has emerged from it,” he added. “We are entirely at the disposal of the African Union”, chaired by South Africa, “to support any initiative” of this organization, he concluded.


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