EU rejects Apple’s allegations that “switching to USB-C would block innovation”

The EU continues its “match” with Apple on the mandatory use of the connector USB-C on its terminals. As you probably already know, the European Union has imposed a single connector standard on the continent to avoid the use of extra adapters and to limit the amount of waste. Apple has a problem with that, using the connector Lightning on iPhones and accused the EU of blocking innovation. EU responds…

In a recent interview, the Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anna Cavazzini stated that the proposal to switch to a single type of port leaves a door open for the adoption of a different standard in the future …. if and when a better one appears. It is certain that there is a loophole in the legislation for innovators and Apple is invited to offer us the successor to USB-C or Lightning, if it really wants to innovate.

Apple has already made moves toward standardization, moving to USB-C on iPads and MacBooks. Leaks that occurred before the launch of the iPhone 13 indicated that it could make the switch to USB-C, but Apple stayed with Lightning. Evil mouths say that Apple is actually waiting for an evolution of wireless charging and transfer standards, so that it can get rid of the physical connector completely. A phone without ports is easier to seal against water and dust and somehow more handsome, more uniform in design.

It must, however, be MagSafe to evolve beyond charging to 15W. The EU will at some point standardize wireless charging accessories and technologies, but we still have a long way to go. I would also like to emphasize that the USB-C port mandatory directive is a bill and will take months to become law. If not aligned in time, Apple may not be able to sell Lightning iPhones in Europe in 2022.

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