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Work and work very hard in order to save, travel, eat or just live. It is perhaps the premise that we have when getting our first jobAlthough many times we may not see this due to many factors, including the “taxes” that we must pay. Thus, the video recently went viral of a young man who becomes depressed when he finds out how the adult world works.

Without a doubt, it is painful to see that the salary is not enough and that apart from all the taxes take away profit that we might use for something else. So it happened to Jojo, a Young man from the United States who learned that his salary was reduced because of taxes.

In the video, recorded by his father, in Chicago, Illinois, the young man is seen excited about his first salary. Nevertheless, The beauty of the moment ends when you see what was taken from you. As if it were the best actor, the young man goes through all the emotions until he falls into depression. Did I work really hard for this?

“Why did you make that face, Jojo? (sad)”, asked the young man’s father.

Visibly annoying the 18-year-old gets out of the car to breathe a little. Minutes later he returns and his father explains that it is normal for taxes to be deducted.

“You always have to pay taxes. You have to do it every time you get paid “they explain to the young man.

“If I made all that money from my job, why can’t I get it all?” Jojo wondered. “Because you have to pay federal taxes”, the young man’s father explained again.

The video immediately generated multiple reactions and comments in which show empathy for the young man. And do taxes still hurt you?

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