Eugenia Lemos celebrates her 35 years in a bikini

Eugenia Lemos surprises his followers of Instagram with a photo in a micro bikini, as part of one of her many trips. But this image has a special stamp, since it is a reflection on the passing of the years.

The former reality girl complied 35 years old and reflected with a powerful and sincere message on how life changes with age and new experiences.

First, Eugenia points out that she does not assume her 35 and that she feels with a much younger spirit. “35 laps in the sun. I don’t really assume my age, I feel eternally in my 25 years”, made it known.

Eugenia Lemos and her reflection on the passage of time

Leaning over an endless pool, looking at the horizon, wearing a micro-size green bikini (trend color), and from an angle that points from above, she shows off Eugenia Lemos in your new social media photo, the one you upload to celebrate your 35 years old.

The influencer has a lot to say about it and tries to capture all her thoughts in a thoughtful post.

“Deeply having lived one more year, with all that that entails (…) life passes very quickly, I swear to you that I enjoy it so much and I have such a good time, that everything passes very quickly”said the communicator who admitted feeling 25.

“I have learned to be happy and enjoy the journey, not to suffer and always value what I have, be it a lot or a little, that is and is yours are your affections, love, your achievements, what you are passionate about”He expressed about the love that he gives home, which he does.

“For me the key to life is to really live it, enjoy it, love it, laugh, feel, share and never feel like having tried it”advises through experience.

“Always go after my dreams no matter what it costs and also learn to enjoy the road and understand that dreams come in a different way than you imagined. Always thank life, family, friends”, closed excited.

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