Euro 2020 Final Prediction: Detikers Champion Italy Champion


detikers has helped predict the final Euro 2020 Italy vs England. Through a poll that has been carried out, detikers favors Gli Azzurri to be the champion ahead of The Three Lions.

The Italy vs England duel in the Euro 2020 final will be held at Wembley Stadium, Monday (12/7) early morning WIB. Both have ambitions to become European champions to end the five-decade wait.

England, making their first final appearance at a major tournament for 55 years, will be seeking their first ever European title.

While Italy has already won the European Cup. But that success is so far in the past, 53 years ago to be exact.

Ahead of the match, detikSport has held a poll regarding the prediction of the final Euro 2020 Italy vs England; who is championed by detikers?

Polling begins on Saturday (10/7) at 15.00 WIB and closes on Sunday (11/7) at 15.00 WIB. There is a period of 24 hours for detikers to choose.

From this poll, the majority of detikers favor Italy to win Euro 2020. There were 232 people who voted for Gli Azzurri. While England was chosen by 138 detikers.

Italy vs England poll results in the Euro 2020 final. Photo: doc.

The Italian vs England duel itself is predicted to be fierce. Each supporter even has their own slogan, such as football’s coming home from England and football’s coming to Rome in the Italian camp.

Ahead of the Euro 2020 final duel, here are the performances of the two teams in the last five matches:

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Italy’s performance in the last five matches

Italy vs Spain: 1 – 1
Belgium vs Italia: 1 – 2
Italy vs Austria: 2 – 1
Italia vs Wales: 1 – 0
Italy vs Switzerland: 3 – 0

England’s performance in the last five matches

England vs Denmark: 2 – 1
Ukraine vs England: 0 – 4
England vs Germany: 2 – 0
Czech Republic vs England: 0 – 1
England vs Scotland: 0 – 0

Do you agree with the predictions for the final Euro 2020 Italy vs England, according to this detikers version? Give your comment.

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