Eurojackpot, Eurojackpot Millionaire | Nordmann won 17 million in Eurojackpot:

Several were lucky in the Eurojackpot both at home and abroad this time. This is how it went.

Won over 650 million kroner

The Eurojackpot has been doing well for a long time now, and there was therefore a lot of money for a lucky player with maximum luck in his line. A lucky foreigner had just that, and has thus won 651 million kroner.

The lucky one comes from the part of the world we call Germany. NOK 651 million will probably be enough for a lifetime’s consumption of currywurst, and maybe some bratwurst.

On Wednesday, there is about 221 million kroner in the Viking Lotto pot. Play before Wednesday at 18.00. Deliver the coupon here!

Congratulations to the German!

The numbers needed for the German to trigger the big pot:

Key figures:18 – 20 – 34 – 49 – 50

Star Rating: 7 – 8

Norwegian second prize winner: – Good start to the weekend

A Norwegian also really struck in the current draw. Together with five other winners from around Europe, the Norwegian won NOK 17,235,555. The Norwegian did not go all the way to the top, but still managed to win the equivalent of a whole Lotto pot. And that after dividing the money by five more.

The winner with 5 + 1 right is a man from Saltdal in Nordland. He was at home when Norsk Tipping got in touch with him. The man had stored Norsk Tipping’s winning number and therefore naturally responded with an excited voice.

– I do not know why you call, but there is a good reason, he smiles.

And for good reason. 17 million good reasons to be correct.

– It’s wild! The night’s sleep will be bad, says the salt drop and laughs.

– This was a good start to the weekend.

The coupon was purchased on mobile.

On Wednesday, there is about 221 million kroner in the Viking Lotto pot. Play before Wednesday at 18.00. Deliver the coupon here!

Prepared millionaire winner: – My heart is pounding hard now

We’re not done there. There is always a Norwegian who wins a million kroner and a travel gift card worth 100,000 kroner every week in the Eurojackpot. Here you win on a random draw with your coupon (s), and do not need the correct numbers.

This time a man from Oslo won.

Friday’s national Eurojackpot winner jumped in when the phone from Hamar reached his own phone. The man had really set out to win big. The man in his 50s had set his own voice for the Norwegian Tipping winner number. Unexpected expectations then began to rise even before he had received the news.

– I have the iPhone’s “Alarm” as a ringtone for Norsk Tipping. It is the ringtone that makes a loud noise! My heart is pounding now, exclaims the excited man.

– You have won 1 million in the Eurojackpot!

– Thank you! This is what I have been dreaming about. Now I’m so happy, he cheers, while his wife in the background tries to understand what’s going on.

The prize is shared with the family, the man says, and the celebration was to take place the same evening. For one reason or another, November 20 ended up being an anniversary after the million message.

The coupon was purchased on the mobile.

Congratulations to all the winners!

As always new chances of winning again this week in the Eurojackpot. There is more than NOK 100 million waiting for an independent Eurojackpot first prize winner next week.

Play Eurojackpot here, good luck!

(The probability of winning is approximately 1:95 million per row for the first prize in the Eurojackpot. For the second prize, the probability of winning is 1: 6 million per row, while the national prize (NOK 1 million) is approximately 1: 1,250,000 per row.)

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