EuroMillions: a Belgian has not yet come to collect his 21 million euros

The National Lottery has difficulty in contacting this person.

On August 31, a Belgian had the chance to win 21 million euros but since… no one has come to claim the jackpot. This is what the National Lottery announces, which lets it be known that it still watches over the loot. Most annoying is that the winner in question did not play online. His name is therefore unknown to the Lottery services.

Since this player has gone to a point of sale for National Lottery products, he must therefore manifest himself to win this tidy sum. Without it, it will go by the wayside. For now, time is not pressing since the money must be claimed within twenty weeks of the draw. The Lottery also explains to Sudpresse that sometimes, winners wait a little before coming to collect their due, in order to really become aware of what is happening to them. There is therefore no particular concern for the moment. If this were to continue, the Lottery will conduct the investigation in order to try to find this winner in no hurry.


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