European campaign: Macron could intervene this weekend

Ten days before the European elections, and while the polls now give the advantage to the list of the National Gathering, the time is for general mobilization on the side of the majority. With all the ministers called to deploy on the ground this weekend to defend Nathalie Loiseau. But also a gigantic tying operation to distribute the 6 million copies of the program. And, why not, involvement of the Head of State himself Saturday or Sunday? At the highest peak of power, the idea makes its way. "We think about it seriously. There is potentially a shooting window on Sunday, "explains the entourage of the president, without saying more.

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According to our information, even if nothing is completely settled, the campaign team would think about a participation of Emmanuel Macron in a live Q & A session on the Internet, on the theme of Europe, and maybe on the Facebook account of the Renaissance list. "There is nothing arbitrated. It's a possibility … among others, "says one of the strategists of the campaign, excluding at this stage the idea of ​​participation in a meeting.

"Reform the base of 2017"

This should support the vast tying operation to reassure voters who voted for Macron in the first round of the presidential election. "The idea is really to reform the base of 2017. So we will do this weekend of surgery," describes a Macronist framework, explaining that the program of 32 pages of the Renaissance list, drawn to 6 million copies, will actually be distributed in the coming hours in "target cities, where Emmanuel Macron has collected between 25 and 30% of the vote in 2017."

"We have implemented a kind of software by crossing several public data from polling stations throughout France. This will allow us to be very precise and effective in relation to the places where this document is going to be distributed ", insists one, history of" privileging the qualitative to the quantitative ". Conscious, too, that among the majority of undecided voters, many believe at this point that they will make their choice in the home stretch according to the program.

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