European Center opens the door to widespread use of masks, but calls for caution

The European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) has changed guidelines on the use of masks, admitting that they can be used by those who are not sick. A hypothesis especially intended for when someone visits spaces with a lot of people or closed, such as shops, shopping centers, supermarkets or, among others, on public transport.

In a new document published this Wednesday, the European Union center that advises States on matters related to public health opens the door to the use of these masks in a more generic way than before, although not as generic as in Asian countries or even in the United States of America, whose authorities recently also changed their position on the matter.

ECDC now concludes that the use of masks in public can be a means of controlling the expansion of Covid-19 by individuals already infected but without symptoms, even though it is not yet known whether this measure is better or worse than others that have the same goal (halt the progress of the disease).

Cloth masks

For the first time, ECDC refers not only to surgical masks, underlining that these should be used primarily by healthcare personnel, but also cloth masks.



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