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European Handball: Spain escapes its first bird and will face Slovenia in the semifinals | sports

by drbyos

Spain left a double break on the last day of the second phase of the European. First he escaped defeat against Croatia (22-22) and tied the group’s leadership, a place of honor that allowed him the second dribble: avoid Norway in the semifinals, the great ogre that came from the other side of the table. His rival for a place in the final will be Slovenia (Friday, 20.30, Teledeporte). The other confrontation will be Norway-Croatia (18.00).

Croatia, 22 – Spain, 22

Croatia: Sego (P), Asanin (P), Maric, Duvnjak (2, 1 pen), Hrstic, Stepancic (2), Horvat (2), Sarac, Karacic (10), Musa, Mamic (2), Brozovic (1), Matanovic, Mandic and Sipic (3).

Spain: Corrales (P), Pérez de Vargas (P); Maqueda (1), Entrerríos (4), A. Dujshebaev (6), Sarmiento (1), Aginagalde (1), Solé (2), Goñi, Figueras (1), Cañellas, Morros, Gómez (4, 2 pen ), Ariño (2) and Guardiola.

Partial every five minutes: 2-3, 5-5, 6-5, 8-6, 10-8, 11-12 (rest), 11-15, 13-18, 14-20, 18-21, 20- 21 and 22-22.

Referees: Gatelis and Mazeika (LIT). They excluded two minutes to Musa, Duvnjak, Mandic and Brozovic, for Croatia, and Solé (2), Cañellas, Ariño and Morros, for Spain.

7,891 spectators at the Wiener Stadthalle.

The selection saved a desktop that was unexpectedly twisted. On the back of Álex Dujshebaev, the Ribera team felt happy in the absence of 15 minutes after the end of their duel against the Balkans. He dominated 12-18 after endorsing a 2-10 partial. The start of the second part of the Santander side was excellent. He scored five goals and, when he did not pierce the goal of Sego, he waited for assists to his teammates, including one behind Aleix Gómez. Behind, the 5-1 system, with him in the advanced position, collapsed the Balkan attack.

With the caution imposed by the rival, everything pointed to another comfortable victory. Against the ropes, the old fox Lino Cervar withdrew his stars Stepancic and Duvnjak (the Cindric Barca did not play) and arranged for the second unit. He was not going to put in the encounter more than the forced before the imminence of the semifinals. However, when only low cost was left, Spain got the pájara, the first in the championship. Used to smile and take the lane matches, she saw herself in a new situation in the tournament. And there his only ally was time, already scarce.

Croatia got on top with a two-minute throw from Duvnjak (22-21), who by then had returned to the track to the smell of blood. Also forced by the withdrawal due to a blow to the knee of Karacic, a real hammer, 10 points, the only one that until that final stretch had rebelled against Spanish superiority. The Balkans were repeating their performance a few days ago against Germany, which ended up derailing the Germans. The consequences in this case would not have been so serious, but the chronology of events was very similar.

More than 11 minutes was passed dry in attack the selection. He stopped with a bit of Aleix Gómez, who placed 16-21, in the other life of the game, and could only take a thread of air with a seven meters converted by the culé end in the absence of a minute to the end and that supposed the tie at 22. Duvnjak had it again to take the crash, but his shot touched the crosshead and everything died there. With the tie tied, Spain played the last seconds at the four corners and in favor of qualifying.

The draw had placed the duel between these two roosters at the end of the second phase, an invitation to the drama, but, luckily for both of them, they came to the appointment with almost everything done. They took advantage of the generous calendar and, before crossing into Vienna, had already bought the flight to Stockholm for the final phase. It only remained to see who finished first. The absence of tragedy was noticed quickly in the game. The Balkans were saved to Cindric and Jordi Ribera took advantage of the start to distribute the effort more (Julen Aginagalde did not appear until minute 21), although with the game in all the heat, he pulled the usual ones.

The start was a Karacic against Spain. The Kielce player, MVP of the game, began scoring his first four pitches and closed the first half with a full of successes (six goals; 10 in the 60 minutes) on the goal of Rodrigo Corrales. His movements from the right side of the attack proved indecipherable for the defense of the national team. The great performance of the Croatian power station was answered by the remarkable intervention of Raúl Entrerríos, who did not fail in the direction or in the scoring streak. His intervention intoned the team, which had started idling. Without urgency, the Ribera set was adjusting the nuts to reach the intermediate ahead (11-12) after going two down (9-7) a few minutes before.

The return of the changing rooms accentuated the Spanish accelerator, which put the turbines butt thanks to a huge Alex Dujshebaev, another of the Kielce. The two players of the Polish club, face to face. His coach, Talant, father of the second, licked in the stands for the exhibition of his boys. The individual duel was on tables, but the Santander had more equipment behind. Or he had it until the second half. Then it collapsed, the Croatian grew and in Vienna there was an intrigue ending. Just a snack of what’s left. After six and a half encounters of Tanzania, for the first time Spain had a period of unemployment. On Friday, another port, and this time without a network.

Results of the day and semifinals


Croatia, 22 – Spain, 22

Belarus, 36 – Austria, 36

Czech Republic, 22 – Germany, 26


Portugal, 34 – Hungary, 26

Norway, 33 – Slovenia, 30

Iceland, 25 – Sweden, 32


Spain – Slovenia (Friday, 20.30, Tdp)

Norway – Croatia (18.00)

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