Europeans: Macron in interview with a young Youtubeur for the last campaign day


He still hopes to convince young people to vote. The Head of State will respond live, this Friday at 18:15, to the questions of Youtubeur Hugo Travers, two days before the European elections.

The interview, scheduled to last until 19 hours, will be visible on Youtube and Facebook. Hugo Travers promised that he would relay the questions posed by Internet users live.

"The president wants to hear young people, and also tell them to vote, because they must not let others decide for them," told AFP entourage of the head of state. Abstaining 18-24 year olds had reached 72% in 2009, and it could be even higher this year.

"Young people feel that voting does not help much"

"Young people have the impression that voting in the European is vain and that it does not really serve much, said a few days ago the Parisian Ifop Deputy Director General, Frédéric Dabi. For many of them, these elections do not meet the principles of politics, namely to change life. "

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At the age of 20, Hugo Travers had already interviewed political figures during the presidential campaign of 2017. With his YouTube page with nearly 350,000 subscribers, he also made himself known at the time by his educational videos. in which he decrypted the various programs.

More recently, on March 14, he had questioned Marine Le Pen live on France 2 during the political broadcast.

The head of state is strongly involved in this last week of campaign, since he had already granted an interview to the regional press (including the Parisian) last Tuesday.

In addition to the interview with Emmanuel Macron, several meetings are scheduled today for the last day of the election campaign: LREM in Paris, the National Assembly in Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais), France insubordinate Lille, etc.

Beginning at midnight, any election propaganda (for example, speaking in the media or leafleting) will be banned.

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